Low vision aids for family use

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Elderly family members who are losing eyesight actually need more care from other members. Vision loss or deterioration experienced by old women and men is mainly caused by presbyopia. This is an inevitable eye condition for nearly all individuals aging over 40. The aging eyes will lose elasticity gradually, which is irreversible. Eye care practitioners strongly suggest that those elderly citizens should live with their children to ensure safety in daily lives. But in some cases, they could be rejected unfortunately. In this case, older people can resort to low vision aids, which can help them around the home.

Magnifying devices for computer use

Some seniors have learned to use a home computer and they may become dependent on it. This great invention provides a good way for senior guys to pass the time and probably learn some useful information. It is no strange that the old also enjoys a convenient access to the Internet. A big problem for this group of people is that letters on the screen are always too small to read clearly. Currently, there are several types of low vision aids for computer use. Screen magnifiers can be used to see the screen much more easily. Moreover, key stickers are also capable of magnifying letters on the screen.

Hand held magnifiers for reading and phones with low vision numbers

During daily activities such as reading newspaper and watching television, seniors with poor vision can get help from hand held magnifiers. Other activities that are performed on a daily basic include reading a favorite recipe book, using a phone and so on. Family phones are quite important for some seniors either for socializing or for an emergency. But most numbers on the phone are too tiny to be recognized by older individuals. Now there are a number of phones that are equipped with low vision numbers that enable seniors to see buttons better.

Low vision aids used in the kitchen

Many seniors are still reluctant to give up their freedom in the kitchen. And there are a variety of low vision aids for cooking, baking and the like. With these devices, older women can continue to enjoy cooking in the kitchen. In addition, extra large kitchen timer is also available that is easier to set. When it comes to weighting something, “talking” scales are introduced, which eliminate the need to strain the eyes to figure out the exact numbers. This device is quite useful because a wrong measurement that goes into a recipe can screw up an entire recipe.

Large-version pill organizers and talking calculators

There are still low vision aids that can help seniors who need a pill organizer. Traditional pill organizers are often small but nowadays larger versions are available. What’s more, talking calculators have also been created for seniors with low vision. In this case, they will not read a wrong number while balancing a checkbook or paying a bill.

A conclusion

In a word, with so many options of low vision aids, seniors should not be prevented by low vision from doing interested activities or conducting regular tasks at home. Those devices for seniors with poor eyesight have greatly reduced their dependence on other family members.