Different low vision aids

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Currently, wide selections of low vision aids are available for low-vision patients. People may suffer from low vision caused by macular degeneration or albinism. Low vision aids are helpful for them to improve the quality of daily lives. Once a low vision patient sees a specialist, he will probably be asked about the situations that he finds difficulty because of vision impairment. So the final selection of a low vision aid device relies on personal purpose. Of course, the advantages and limitations of the device should be carefully evaluated.

Different forms of magnifying glasses

Some of the low vision aids are optical devices, such as magnifying glasses and telescopes. Ordinary glasses are useless for low vision correction. An enhancement tint is needed. In detail, magnifying glasses are now provided by different manufacturers in several forms, including dome magnifiers, reading glasses, hand-held and standing magnifiers. Each of these magnifying glasses helps the seniors view clearly small letters on books, newspapers and fine print. Which one to choose depends on the reading environment and personal taste.

How to get help from microscopes and telescopes?

To some people’s surprise, microscopes are sometimes named as “near low vision aids”. They function particularly well when people read newspapers, books, pictures and maps and so forth. Telescopes are distant low vision aids for distance vision improvement. Seeing a chalkboard, sporting events watching on site are some of the distance vision situations. It is easy to get the obvious difference between microscopes and telescopes. They are used to view tiny objects close up and distant respectively.

Electronic devices for low vision aid

Some other devices of low vision aid are electronic that they use video and projection principle to magnify and clarify people’s vision. Tabletop electronic magnifier provides the greatest magnification for near-vision tasks. Portable electronic magnifier has a hand-held scanner that can be connected to any TV or computer monitor. The Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system also provides great magnification effects. CCTV further offers size adjustment and brightness control.

Low vision aid from personal computer

Computer and related software products can also be special low vision aids. Advanced monitors are size-adjustable to meet the magnification needs of low vision patients. Software products such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word intelligently enable users to change the degrees of magnification.

Combinations may be necessary

Devices of low vision aid introduced above usually function well in specific circumstances. People can choose an appropriate type according to personal reading needs. But in some times, making a combination of two different devices is necessary.