Reasons of eye twitching

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Eye twitching happens to some people occasionally. This condition is actually caused by prolonged period of eye strain. This excessive use of the eyes results in involuntary eye muscle movement. Detailed reasons can be prolonged physical and mental stress and close work such as long-term computer use. Eye twitching is usually not a serious condition. However, some superstitious people associate this eye condition with many things such as an ill omen. This has no scientific foundation.

Some causes of eye twitching

It is important to know that eye twitching is just a symptom of something else. In other words, this condition is definitely caused by another ocular or health problem. As mentioned in the first paragraph, excessive eye strain is a cause of eye twitching. In fact, there are many other possible reasons, e.g. eye stress, fatigue, TV watching, vitamin deficiency, allergies, pinched nerve, medication, withdrawal and neurological disorder. Alcohol and caffeine are also related to eye twitching that excessive consumption of these things should be avoided. At a very rare case, healthy problems such as multiple sclerosis can cause eye twitches.

How to deal with eye twitching

In rare cases, eye twitching may affect other parts of the body. But the problem always disappears even without obvious realization. Only proper rest is needed to ease eye strain and stress and eye twitching can be removed. It is highly recommended that a person spending long time at close work should have regular breaks and go out for relaxation. On the other hand, the various possible reasons for eye twitching make it particularly important to figure out the exact cause. Only after that proper treatment can follow.

Eye twitching and regular eye exam

Eye twitching usually goes away on its own when the eyes are relived from strained use. The condition is serious only when it persists. In this case, visiting a doctor is necessary. In some cases, eye twitching is accompanied by eye pain or even fever. This condition requires an immediate visit to the doctor’s. Furthermore, people aging between 16 and 60 are encouraged to receive an eye checkup every 2 years. And others should have an eye test annually. In particular, symptoms such as excessive tearing, dry eye, eye pain and redness require a person to visit an eye doctor as soon as possible.

A comprehensive eye exam also detects eye problems and diseases

People who have a difficulty in focusing on near or far objects should receive a comprehensive eye exam, during which the doctor will perform several detailed tests. An ophthalmoscope will be used to examine the inside of the eye. Physical signs of some eye problems may also be detected, including glaucoma and cataracts. In most cases, vision difficulty results from myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia. These vision problems involve impaired ocular parts and cause blurry vision at different distances. For eyesight checkup, an eye chart is usually used. The doctor will probably use other tests to determine the exact prescription of the patient.