Causes for eye twitching

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Eye twitching bothers many people and even drives them crazy. Actually, it is pretty common and happens usually to the lower eyelid. Eyelid tics can last for weeks and even months but most of them are benign and harmless. However, there are still other forms of eyelid twitching that are more serious because they may be caused by neurological conditions such as blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm.

Vision-related stress may cause eye twitching

People usually have different physical reactions to mental stress. For example, some people may suffer from eye twitching caused by excessive stress, especially those with eye strain. Vision-related stress may result from eyeglasses wearing and long period of computer use. People have persistent eyelid twitching that is caused by vision-related stress should take an exam for potential vision correction. A similar factor is anxiety, which sometimes results in eye twitching.

Many reasons are possible

It is hard to find out the exact reason for eyelid twitching without a taking an eye exam. There are many other possible causes. For instance, insufficient sleep, too much caffeine and alcohol consumption can trigger eye twitches. These conditions are easy to deal with. Eyelid twitching can also result from dry eye. There are many reasons for eye dryness, such as natural aging, excessive computer use, antihistamine taking, contact lenses wearing and so on. All of these reasons are curable by various treatments.

Nutritional imbalance and histamine may be causes

Nutritional imbalance is also suspected to cause eye twitching, even though there is no scientific evidence. Experts suggest that patients should talk nutritional conditions with family doctor for professional advice, rather than buying random nutritional products. Histamine is also indicated to bring eyelid twitching, so that antihistamine eye drops or tablets may be prescribed to provide help.

How to deal with eye twitching problems

The human bodies are quite powerful and sometimes do extraordinary ad unusual things. But a lasting case of eyelid twitching may be a sign indicating that something more serious is going on. Necessary attention and treatment should be taken when eye twitching persists. Currently there is no effective cure for eye twitching. It is only possible to control and relieve this condition. Curing eyelid twitching requires a removal of the underlying reason. Persistent eye twitching can be stopped or controlled by Botox injections, which can successfully terminate muscle contractions. Drug therapy is widely used to deal with chronic eye twitching problems.