Frequency and preparation of regular eye checkups

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Many people do not value the importance of regular eye checkups when they have healthy eyes. However, once there is diagnosed an eye problem, it will be too late to appreciate the benefit of regular eye exams. Without taking eye exams on a regular basis, serious damage to the eyes may develop in an unnoticeable way. Just as the old saying goes, prevention is better than treatment. Actually, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has standardized the frequencies for individuals at different ages to receive ocular checkups.

Different intervals of receiving eye checkup

Adults over 40 years old are encouraged to have one eye checkup every two years. Individuals within this group are at an increasing risk of developing presbyopia. This visual defect can be easily detected and diagnosed during a regular eye exam. For people in their 50s and older, one eye exam per year is necessary. This large population is more likely to suffer age-related ocular problems, e.g. macular degeneration and glaucoma. Compared with the seniors, young adults can receive a regular eye exam every three or four years. This difference in frequency is quite necessary based on the fact that most eye diseases occur to senior guys more frequently than to children and teenagers. In an extreme case, patients with glaucoma are required to get an eye checkup every three months.

Necessary preparation before visiting an eye doctor

Before going to an eye doctor for an eye exam, it is necessary to make certain preparation. During the exam, patients should tell the doctor all the necessary information which makes sure that a proper checkup will be given. In order to achieve this goal, it is helpful to make a full list of all the problems associated with the eyes. It is needless to hesitate about telling the doctor about any previous illness and potential family visual problems. Moreover, current eyeglasses or contact lenses as well as previous prescriptions should also be listed.

Take the health insurance card

In the medical field, it is a common practice that some eye care practitioners have close cooperation with professionals in other health fields. The reason is that some eye problems are closely linked or possibly caused by other health problems associated with other organs. Taking a simple example, the visual system is basically supported by related nerve linking the eyes and the brain. Knowing this point, it is also a necessity to take the health insurance card. Sometimes the eye doctor will transfer the patient to another department for preparatory treatment.