Nutrients and eye exercises for good eyesight

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The eye is responsible for sensing light and transmitting these signals to the brain through the optic nerve. The eyes are acknowledged by the vast majority of people as one of the most important organs of the body. In this case, maintaining good eyesight by protecting the eyes is quite essential. What’s more, prevention is better than cure. Eye health preservation is really a long-term job and it requires good patience. The remaining of this composition introduces two different ways to keep eye health. The first one is taking beneficial eye nutrients and the second one is doing eye exercises.

Prescription eyeglasses is now the most popular remedy

Unfortunately, it is estimated that nearly half of the Americans are bothered by different kinds of vision problems. And most of them resort to eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction. Regular doctor’s visits are needed if one person chooses to wear corrective eyewear. In addition, medications may be prescribed in some cases. All these things can cost a wearer much money. What’s more disappointing, even the most advanced form of prescription eyewear serves just a form of remedy. Permanent vision can not be achieved.

Taking healthy vitamins is a preventative method

In fact, many methods of eye care are available and they can be used to prevent eye muscle degeneration at an early age. One way is to take beneficial nutrients, which are closely related to eye health. In particular, several types of vitamins are helpful, including vitamin A, C and E. As antioxidants, vitamin A and E are believed to slow down the muscles degeneration. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and spinach contains plentiful of vitamin E. In addition, vitamin C and E have been reported to strengthen the connective tissues of the eyes.

Some other eye nutrients are also recommended

There are still other nutrients that are beneficial for eye health. Minerals such as zinc are good for the eyes and aloe vera prevents eye infection and improves eye immunity. Red blood corpuscles can help the nervous system function properly. These kinds of healthy substances are also widely recommended by eye care practitioners.

Do exercises that involve movements of the arm and the head

In addition to taking eye nutrients, types of eye exercises can also help maintain good eyesight. A simple eye exercise requires people to fold the arms while keeping the hands under the armpit. Then push the shoulders back repeatedly in a circular motion. Another exercise involves the movements of the head. First use the chin to touch the underside of the neck and move the head back as far as possible. Then rotate the head in a circular motion and repeatedly reverse the direction.

Another two eye exercises involving eye movements

Some other exercises are associated with eye movements. One exercise needs people to move the eyes upwards and downwards and then right and left. Another simple exercise can help the eyes improve focus ability. The exerciser should first concentrate on a close up object and then switch the eyes into a thing in the distance. This kind of focus switches effectively helps the eyes get relaxation during hours of tension work.