Pinhole glasses for visual benefits

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Also called stenopeic glasses, pinhole glasses are widely reported to improve vision. Today, various companies are promoting on the market pinhole glasses and claim that these devices can permanently improve eyesight. Even if there is no scientific evidence has been found to support this saying, pinhole glasses do help the users see images clearly. The brain will adjust the visual focus while a person is gazing at a blurred object. And pinhole glasses help the brain to find the focal point, improving sharpness of the image.

pinhole glassesPinhole glasses improve visual acuity and depth perception

Pinhole glasses consist of precision, lightweight perforated plastic lenses. In detail, there are a series of pinhole-sized perforations that fill an opaque sheet of plastic in place of each lens. And each perforation allows only a very narrow beam of light to pass through and reach the eye. This design greatly reduces the size of confusion circle on the retina, bringing clear images and improving depth perception.

They also relieve eye tension and strain

While ensuring the sharpness of the image, pinhole glasses can further relax the eyes. This additional effect occurs because those pinhole glasses are smaller than the size of the eye’s normal pupil. Eye strain and even headache are common after a long period of computer work. Similar situation may also occur while reading in very poor light. These pinhole glasses can help the eyes reduce tension, and this effect can be immediately felt.

Affordable pinhole glasses can deal with age-related eye problems

These modern glasses have become a good alternative to prescription eyeglasses. What’s more, pinhole glasses are quite affordable. Pinhole glasses allow only direct light to pass through into eyes. As mentioned before, this function of pinhole glasses can help all groups of people reduce eyestrain disorders, especially young and old computer users. In addition, vision problems such as presbyopia are common among people aging 40 and older. Currently, an increasing number of individuals are resorting to pinhole eyeglasses in order to prevent those age-related eye problems.

Dependency on prescription glasses can be eliminated

Many users of pinhole glass have significantly reduced their dependency on regular reading glasses and improved overall eyesight. Dependency on eyeglasses can sometimes worsen one’s eyesight, because the eyes become too lazy to take beneficial eye exercises. Good light is also necessary when wearers use pinhole glasses to read a book or newspapers.