How to choose replacement sunwear lenses for different sports

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The needs for replacement lenses

You may have great sunglasses which are extremely expensive, and you love to wear them very much. But the chances are that you get the lenses scratched or your lenses are crashed. Then you need replacement lenses. Or in other situations, your job needs you to adapt instantly to any weather conditions, and you find that the current pair of glasses does not work at that time. You also need replacement lenses to help you to shift quickly to a different circumstance.

Tips for lens selection

Here, we will tell you how to choose replacement lenses according to changing light conditions.

Firstly, you are advised to choose the replacement lenses that fit your frame well, or just customize the look of your frame to match the lenses fantastically.

Then, you are encouraged to choose the replacement lenses with high quality and best optical performance, such as unbeatable visual clarity, impact resistance and 100% UV filtration.

Finally, you need to indentify various kinds of replacement lenses. For example, polarized brown replacement lenses reduce glare, increase contrast and improve depth perception, especially in moderately light conditions. Polarized gray replacement lenses also reduce glare, increase contrast and improve depth perception, especially in extremely bright conditions. Polarized Blue Reflex replacement lens and Polarized Silver Reflex replacement lenses work well for all light conditions, especially under extremely bright sunlight because the Reflex coating blocks more light. Polarized Crystal Carbonate replacement lenses have the hardest coating available to fight against scratching.

Lens tints for different sports

In fact, different light conditions require different optics. If you understand the features of different colored replacement lenses, as well as the shape and quality of the lenses, you are sure to get the most proper replacement lenses for the varying light conditions. The guideline is that the target light condition or sport determines the proper type of replacement lenses. Sunglasses are most widely used in outdoor activities especially sports. And tinted lenses are the mainstream. In addition to those kinds of tinted replacement lenses described above, there are still yellow sunglass lenses, orange sunglass lenses, amber sunglass lenses, as well as sunwear lenses in rose, green, gray, copper, brown and so forth.

Gray replacement lenses are suitable for nearly all outdoor sports in bright light conditions. An opposite instance is green replacement lenses which only help during baseball and golf. Other tints have also wide applications. In detail, yellow and orange replacement lenses can heighten contrast in overcast and hazy conditions and filter out blue light. Due to this capability, these lenses will bring extra assistance during cycling, handball, snowmobiling, skiing and tennis. Dark amber, copper and brown sunwear lenses also provide valuable help for people who like baseball, fishing, golf, hunting and water sports. Slightly different, rose or red replacement lenses create contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions, and thus they help in fishing, cycling, hunting, shooting etc.