Men’s eyeglasses selection

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mens glassesMost men have different criteria in choosing eyeglasses from what women do. According to a survey conducted by the Vision Council, a majority of respondents put comfort and fit first, followed by spring hinges and flexibility. Some people may say that fashion is also a major consideration, especially for young guys. But the truth is that most male eyewear buyers give this factor a quite low priority. Only a small fraction of men will forsake quality aspects because of the pursuit for frame style or look. Those paying unusual attention to frame appearance are quite probably influenced by their friends or colleagues.

How to get comfortable and fit glasses for men?

Comfort and fit involve temple width and length, frame size as well as nosepiece. Temples should not dig into the side of your head and frames should wide enough to protrude slightly beyond your face. Opticians can easily reshape and adjust the curve at the end of the temple to provide a temple with a proper length for your ear. Adjustable nose pads are easier to conform to your nose. You can move your head up and down, bend over and pick up something from the floor to check up the overall fitness of your eyeglasses. Remember that the best way to check frame comfort and fit is to try it on. Customers buying glasses at a local shop can feel free to do it. But it is impossible for online purchasers to get a real experience. For the latter group, it may be necessary tell an online optician the exactly needed frame sizes.

What factors contribute to durability?

Eyeglass frame durability mainly depends on the material used. Plastic frames made of nylon and zyl can hardly be durable because these materials are fragile to external impact or shattering. Under unusual hot, most plastic frames will melt and lose the original shapes. This is why most male customers who take durability serious will just bypass plastic frames. In contrast, some metals are widely recommended. For instance, frames using titanium, stainless steel and Flexon are more durable. In addition, stainless steel frames are also strong. And Flexon frames are worthy of extra recommendation, because they can recover their original shapes after twisting and bending.

Prevailing styles for men

Modern frame styles for men are more and more masculine. There are several lasting trends. Aviator glasses will never go out of fashion, accompanied by new materials and designs. Larger and bolder frames are designed to offer particular tastes, while small glasses are still around for small faces. Lightweight and comfortable plastic frames are always popular among men who desire a younger, hip or retro look. For a minimalist look, some men resort to rimless or semi-rimless frames. These frames are lightweight and have a classic look. Titanium frames also remain fashionable all the time due to their precious features. Stainless steel and aluminum are widely used in designer eyeglasses favored by men.

In spring and summer of each year, there are always some trends of men’s eyeglasses. Cruz and Randy Jackson provide sharply rectangular and square frame, creating a “square with flair” appearance. The frame series of “call of the wild” imitate bamboo, animal skins and wood.

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