Aesthetic traits of eyeglass frames

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Eyeglasses for aesthetic purposes

In addition to eyeglasses vision functions, eyeglasses in most of the cases are also deemed as a piece of face jewelry. No wonder the design of eyeglass frames has long been considered a part of fashion and fad design. Not only sunglasses are mainly for aesthetic purpose, but also many prescription eyeglasses have the same features. Eyeglass frame manufacturers issue new styles periodically to stimulate consumption. It is not strange for one person to have a couple of pairs in different eyeglass frames. This practice is particularly popular among young women who are unusually fashion-conscious. They may wear an elite pair during a business party and use another pair that looks cute in an entertaining circumstance. Remember that in most informal occasions, prescription eyeglasses mean more fashion and personality enhancement but less vision aid. Visual correction is the most fundamental and basic function which can be quite easily guaranteed by any qualified optician or eye doctor.

Criteria for aesthetic glasses selection

The look of the frame is usually the focus when a customer tries to get a pair of eyeglasses for aesthetic purpose. In general, there are three noticeable aspects of a frame, namely, frame shape, frame color and frame size. All these three factors are contributive to an aesthetic frame and require careful consideration at the side of the customer. The first common sense of aesthetic traits of eyeglass frames is to match and complement the face shape with the shape of eyeglass frame. Besides we also need to follow the rules of color-matching, i.e. to match the colors of eyeglass frames to the skin colors. Another point which needs to be kept in mind is that one must always make the size of the eyeglass frame to be in the proportionate match to the general size of your own head.

Glasses as a piece of face jewelry

People all know that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This belief further enhances the aesthetic importance of eyeglass frames, as people tend to ornament their soul by spending even thousands of dollars to acquire a piece of face jewelry. This boosts the business of world’s top designer brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, Cartier and Mont Blanc. It is exactly the public’s pursuit for aesthetic eyeglasses that drives these reputable and responsible brands to design and release attractive eyewear models.