Design philosophy of unisex eyewear

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In the eyewear market, some designers focus on enhancing female and male contrast in eyeglasses design, resulting distinguishable masculine and feminine glasses. These glasses follow two separate runways. On the other hand, lots of unisex eyeglasses have still been around for decades and attract both men and women. Some optical stores even have exclusive unisex glasses sections.

Unisex sunglasses

Generally speaking, sunglasses tend to appear more frequently in unisex styles in a comparison with regular prescription eyeglasses. While choosing regular Rx glasses, male and female customers usually take their own tastes into account. This is widely justified by optical shops’ practice of grouping men’s glasses and women’s glasses. Sunwear products usually do not have such a clear difference or gap. The sunwear industry has witnessed for long the heyday of unisex styles. Unisex sunglasses have largely mixed colorful designs traditionally applied to women’s sunglasses and functionality improvements conventionally added to men’s sunglasses. Following such a design philosophy, unisex sunwear models will be appealing to both ladies and gentlemen.

Unisex frames for specialty glasses

The specialty eyewear realm is also particularly filled with unisex styles. They cover almost all areas such as computer use, driving, sports, crafts, hobbies and so on. Unisex eyeglasses for these special activities are designed to both enhance performance and create an attractive appearance. The lens type and frame design are both important in creating suitable specialty eyeglasses. Unisex specialty eyewear is designed for special activities, better vision, safety features, or cosmetic reasons. Slightly different from the design of unisex sunglasses, unisex specialty eyewear focuses mainly on visual performance and safety assurance. Both male and female customers are in need of these two benefits. Making a unisex frame attractive is a plus.

Some lasting trends

In general, most unisex eyeglass styles are neutral and there are actually some styling trends. Plastic frames in oval and elongated rectangular shapes are popular in unisex eyeglasses. The second trend is rimless and semi-rimless lenses in oval shapes. Retro, small John Lennon styles are also attractive both to men and women. Progressive shapes such as modified rectangle, bowtie and butterfly are appealing unisex styles. Titanium and stainless steel frames in clean and simple styles are also favorable unisex choices.