Eyeglass frame selection for teens

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Picking out the right eyeglass frames for teens is not so easy because every one has his own face shape and taste. Before choosing eyeglass frames, you should have a clear knowledge of your face shape, facial features, coloring and personal mood. In the current eyewear market, there are numerous products classified into different groups according to their frame materials, colors, shapes, structural designs and so forth. Whilst some eyewear users have an unusual taste, most wearers can just follow some of the regular tips of glasses selection.

About frame shape and bridge

Firstly, the frame’s shape should match your face shape. Round and oval frames are usually designed for angular or square faces. It is unwise for a square-faced person to choose a rectangular frame, which will certainly make his obvious facial angles more “outstanding”. A frame with a dramatic (wider, heavier, etc.) bottom edge can balance your heart-shaped face. In similar, the frame’s bridge affects the appearance of your eyes and nose. A high bridge will make your nose appear higher, and vice verse. If you want to get the illusion of width to close-set eyes, you can choose a thin or clear bridge.

Frame fitness should be guaranteed

Secondly, it is very important to check whether the frame fit well your face. Eyeglasses are not manufactured in different sizes. You can put on a pair of glasses and look out of the center of each lens to get a real feeling. To prevent frames from hurting your skin, the top of the frames should not be fitted over the eyebrow line, and the bottom shouldn’t touch your cheeks.

How to the frame color to personal coloring?

Thirdly, the color of the frame should complement your personal coloring, which includes skin tone (warm or cool), skin color and hair color. In most cases, warm skin has a golden yellow tint, while cool skin is either blue or pink. If you are not sure of your coloring, check out your veins: if they seem mostly greenish, you have warm skin, otherwise you have cool skin. Frame colors like brown and splashy colors suit people with a warm skin. While colors including gray, silver and muted colors are usually for cool tones. After you learn your own coloring and choose the right frame color which appropriately matches yours, you will look fantastic.

The frame style should follow personal lifestyle

Fourthly, the frame style should match your lifestyle. If you are really funky in your daily life, maybe an ultra-funky pair is OK. But if you are a poppet, it may be very amazing to wear a very strange pair of glasses. Generally, frames shouldn’t be too large or too small. Meanwhile, they should be neither too tight nor too loose. Similarly, businessmen usually choose to wear eyeglasses that look formal.

How to evaluate different frame materials

Made up of different materials, you can choose frames in plastic, metal or a combination of both. Generally, plastic frames are lighter and less expensive, and also require less maintenance than metal ones. People who are allergic to certain metals are inclined to choose plastic ones. If you want to keep eyeglass frames for a long time, you can take metal frames into account because certain types of plastic ones may contract or expand under temperature changes.

Some other points

On a special occasion, you also need to check that if your eyeglass frame properly matches your jewelry. In addition, eyeglass lenses are associated with prescriptions. For example, lenses for correcting nearsightedness are thicker along the edges than in the middle.