Children need additional eye care

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Many people believe that the eye is human being’s gift presented by God. This powerful organ deserves adequate care throughout any one’s life. Good eye care is critical for everyone, especially teenagers. Protecting the eyes and maintaining good eyesight is one of the most valuable tasks that should draw enough attention from young kids. Imagine a kid with poor vision. Since eyesight is definitely irreversible, getting precious eyesight deteriorated at a young age is absolutely a life-long nightmare. In this article, some aspects of eye care are introduced in children’s behalf.eye care

Children can use contact lenses while guaranteeing extra care

Eyeglasses and contact lenses are commonly used by adults to deal with vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. While eyeglasses have been long considered safe for kids, contact lenses had ever an embarrassing experience. Most ECPs thought that children were not eligible to use contact lenses safely.

But one change in the modern times is that even children have been allowed to use contact lenses. This is no longer considered as a bad idea for teenagers, with enough lens care ensured. Children capable enough of cleaning and rinsing the lenses without failure and storing them properly should be permitted to wear contacts. In fact, eye care for children involves many other aspects.

UV rays are especially harmful to children’s eyes

Children have larger pupils than most adults. In addition, their eyes are more fragile due to their immaturity. All these factors encourage children to pay additional attention to ultraviolet rays. Exposure to the harmful rays in the sunlight will easily cause unwanted eye defects in children. There are statistics showing that 80% of lifetime exposure to UV rays a typical person experiences occurs by the age of 18. From another perspective, a typical teen receives an annual dose of UV rays that is three times that of an adult.

Wearing UV sunglasses is an imperative task

In addition, such an excessive exposure is very hard to notice within a short term. However, there is potentially irreversible long-term eye damage. In this sense, children’s eyes need particular protection against UV radiation during outdoor activities. Parents are imperative to buy an appropriate pair of sunglasses for their kids. Sunglasses for teens should not first serve as fashionable accessories. Functional consideration deserves the top priority. In fact, sunglasses can also protect children’s eyes from dust and environmental pollution.

Follow a healthy diet and take regular eye checkups

In order to keep eye health, children should also follow carefully a healthy diet. There are a lot of substances that are beneficial to children’s eyes, e.g. vitamins, calcium and minerals. These nutrients are necessary for children to maintain ocular health. What’s more, regular eye checkups should be arranged for teens at least once during every six months. Major defects can thus be detected at an early stage.