Trends and styles of children’s sunglasses

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Generally speaking, kids may not be interested in sunglasses as much as adults. However, the reality is that children spend much more time than adults outdoors, so that protecting kids’ eyes from UV radiation is very important. Children under 18 are more vulnerable to UV rays. It is quite understandable that kids’ immature eyes are more easily to absorb harmful rays in sunlight. And it is common acknowledged that long period exposure to UV radiation is closely linked with cataract formation and some other eye problems. Knowing these disappointing points, kids had better to wear sunglasses with high quality while staying outdoors.

children's sunglassesSunwear products for kids have been greatly diversified

With the development and diversification in the sunwear industry, there are currently a wide variety of sunglasses exclusively designed for children. Kids can choose any lens color and shade they like. Oval, round rectangular and geometric shapes are some popular options. The materials used in kids’ sunglasses also vary greatly, such as mental materials, plastics and so on. Sporty frames designed for kids look just like miniature adult editions. More importantly, these sunglasses are manufactured with a guarantee of 100 percent UV protection.

Adults’ versions attract little users

Though there are a lot of sunwear products designed just for children, sunglass companies have found a new phenomenon that children prefer to choose sunglass styles that which follow their parents’ or siblings’ styles. In fact, this can be seen also in the Rx eyewear world that many students would like to choose prescription eyeglasses that are similar in design to their parents’.

Other trends in kids’ sunwear realm

Moreover, there are some trends in children’s sunglasses. The first style is mimics of adult sunglasses that are cool, sophisticated and trendy. Another fashion style is colorful plastic sunglasses. Sports eyewear is also preferred by children. Clip-on sunglasses are becoming more and more popular due to their reasonable prices and convenience. Sunglasses companies have still teamed up with Disney and young celebrities to attract kids’ attention. Because children are becoming as brand-conscious as adult, sunglasses with a notable brand are also popular.

Some sources of kids’ sunglasses

Where to get kids’ sunglasses is another problem that is worth parents’ consideration. Sunglass specialty stores, optical chain stores and local optician shops are some of the popular sources.  Sunglass Hut, Pearle Vision and LensCrafters are a few of the good choices. Moreover, some sunglass specialty stores even have dedicated areas for children to play and shop.

Some important points during sunglasses purchase

Anyway, parents should better select sunglass frames for kids with the measurement of child’s facial features or just ask professional staff for help. The optician will explain some tips and advantages of certain products during the selection. In general, important points include the recommendation of cleaning cloths, solutions as well as how to store the sunglasses.

Accessories and valuable features

In addition, there are some accessories about kids’ sunglasses. Most sunglasses have cords (commonly called “retainers”) attached to the temples for hanging from the neck. Most kids’ sunglass lenses are impact resistant, but they are not anti-breakage. Polycarbonate lenses are the best for children because they are strong, durable and impact-resistant.