Polycarbonate lenses for children

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Today, the number of children who rely on corrective eyeglasses during daily life and study is still on the rise. Children’s eyesight as a whole is deteriorating, which ridiculously boosts the eyewear industries worldwide. As commonly known, eyeglass manufacturers can take use of a wide range of lens and frame materials. Well, most kids have not been enough aware of eyewear appearance. And parents are encouraged to pay more attention to functional considerations of their kids’ eyes.

polycarbonate lensesPolycarbonate has wide application in different industries

If your children need to wear eyeglasses, polycarbonate lenses are the best choice. The polycarbonate material was first developed by the aerospace industry and currently it can be found in airplane windows, bulletproof windows and riot police shields. The wide application of polycarbonate in modern ophthalmic lenses lies in this material’s special ability to bend light differently from conventional plastic lenses.

Stronger impact resistance brings safety

Because polycarbonate lenses are made of polycarbonate that is 10 times more impact-resistant than traditional plastics, they can make your kids perform better during rough-and-tumble play or sports. Impact resistance is also of great importance for children’s eye safety. Using these strong lenses will considerably reduce the number of eye injuries.

Extreme lightness and thinness reduces nose burden

Due to the lightness of polycarbonate lenses, kids don’t have to worry that the eyeglasses may slide down their nose, especially for those who need a strong prescription. This greatly reduces the burden on their nose. In detail, polycarbonate lenses are 35% lighter and thinner than lenses made of regular plastics. To some extent, they are popular among children who want to be visually attractive. Children with vision in only one eye will be advised to use polycarbonate lenses to protect remaining vision as well.

Perfect UV protection makes children safe during outdoor play

Since polycarbonate can block virtually 100 percent of harmful UV rays, it is no wonder that many people choose this natural UV filter to protect their eyes. Typically, children spend more time outdoors than adults. This means that their eyes are vulnerable to damaging UV rays. Since excessive UV rays can lead to cataracts and other eye problems, it is particularly important for children to choose the eyeglasses that can provide maximum UV protection.

Scratch-resistant coating lengthens lens life span

In general, most polycarbonate lenses have a warranty against scratches for a certain period. Polycarbonate lenses for kids are also available with additional scratch-resistant coatings. Since polycarbonate lenses can provide the combination of comfort and safety, most parents will prefer to choose them. For details, it is wise to consult an optician.