The Group Discount Policy of Cohen’s Fashion Optical

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Cohen’s Fashion Optical is a famous trade name of the optical retail in the U.S. Currently Cohen’s Fashion Optical has over 100 own and franchised stores scattered in the N.Y. area and another seven eastern states, including Connecticut, Florida, and Pennsylvania. It is a New York retail landmark for more than eighty years. And its main business covers designer glasses, sunglasses and also contact lenses. Today, products from Cohen are available in various famous brands, like Prada, Gucci, Dior and Ray Ban.

What vision benefits are offered by Cohen?

For the benefits of those whose vision care is not covered by the health insurance, Cohen’s Fashion Optical developed a group discount policy for company employees and family members. The benefits of the group discount offered by Cohen’s Fashion Optical include a $20 eye exam, 25% discount on Rx eyeglasses and Rx sunglasses, 10% on Plano sunglasses, 10% on contact lenses and 10% on all of the other optical accessories.

How to become a member of Cohen’s program?

By applying a free Vision Plus card, you will soon be eligible to the Vision Plus Savings Program launched by Cohen’s Fashion Optical. The application of the membership of group discounts by Cohen’s Fashion Optical is pretty easy. Just simply fill in your personal information in its website and it is done instantly. Please log onto for more information.