Nonprescription sunglasses for fashion

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Today, non-prescription sunglasses are quite popular among both the average and celebrities because of its fashionable look and UV protective function. There are a lot of designer sunglasses without prescription and are purchased “over-the-counter”, and are thus named “plano” sunglasses. There are still sunglasses incorporated with a regular eyeglass prescription. The latter sort is called prescription sunglasses. Recent years have witnessed the parallel development of these two types that are needed respectively by different groups of people or under different circumstances.

Non-prescription sunglasses for fashionSome popular sunglasses styles

During the past few seasons, there are several styles preferred by customers, including sport wraparounds, glamorous cat-eyes and “Jackie Os”, rectangular and angular styles and so on. In fact, the latest styles are always changing. Modern styles with fresh details such as rhinestones, cubic zirconia and tinted lenses are popular. Other fashionable elements contain sleek wraps, Jackie O shapes, etc. These decorative ingredients have greatly extended sunwear diversity and helped customers develop unusual tastes. One point is true that sunshades designers will continue to create and release more colorful styles.

Materials for sunglasses frames

Materials used in sunglass frames usually include plastics, basic metals and special metals such as titanium, aluminum and stainless steel. Moreover, some frames contain both plastic and metal. Most customers like to choose special metal styles for their lightweight, thinness and strength. Some people may argue that plastic frames will be much lighter than those frames even made of a special or new metal. But another background is that a sunwear frame should be strong enough to hold the lenses and provide the eyes with proper protection. Durable and strong metals are better options in this sense.

Considerations of sunwear frames and lenses

The most important rule customer should follow when buying sunglasses is that the frame must fit comfortably on the face. Once the frame doesn’t fit well, you should require an adjustment from your doctor. Your doctor may adjust metal frames through bending slightly and tightening the screws. If the frame is made of plastic, he may heat and reshape it directly. Face style and preference should be the first criteria when you choose the color and shape of frames. Some customers like bold styles and colors because they take sunglasses as a type of specialty eyewear. In addition, choosing high-quality lenses is also important. Impact resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance are some of the requirements of lenses.

Sunwear trends in 2009

Now, we introduce some trendy sunglasses in spring and summer 2009. The first popular style is vintage sunglass styles which have vivid colors, intricate details and metal material. Gucci, Christian Audigier, D&G and Converse Heritage provide this style of sunglasses. The second popular tend led by Maui Jim, Wiley X and Sean John has great look and durability. In addition, some female customers with adventurous mood like to be different, which can be satisfied by fashion styles such as Ete, Nine West and Lafont.