Common concerns about computer vision syndrome

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One of the most common questions asked by modern individuals is how to do about tired eyes caused by excessive computer reading. Doctors simply recommend these people to prescription eyeglasses. In addition, frequent breaks during long-term tasks are important to ease eye strain. Proper lighting condition is also critical in providing comfortable computer reading.

PC screen emission is unfounded

Some people may wonder whether computer screen emits harmful rays, which can damage eye tissues or other organs. This assumption is not scientific. Symptoms of computer vision syndrome are not caused by screen emission. In addition, the eyes and face will never get burned by computer monitors.

Red eye and irritated eye

Some people get red eye, which is one of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. They should see a doctor and get prescription eye drops to alleviate the symptom. Compared with red eye, another more serious symptom of CVS is eye irritation. People use computer too frequently is at higher risk of getting their eyes irritated, suffering discomfort in the eye.

Eye strain and its possible causes

Eyestrain or eye stress is quite common among people who stay on computer all day long. The cause of this symptom varies from one person to another. Possibly involved reasons include incorrect body gesture and work station and excessively dim or bright lighting. Another probable cause is inaccurate computer eyeglass prescription. This highlights the importance of receiving regular eye exams and keeping the lens prescription update.

How to prevent CVS-related problems?

Generally speaking, computer vision syndrome is caused by improper computer use for a long time. It is possible to avoid this condition if PC users bear some tips in mind. The first tip is to make sure the computer glasses are with the correct prescription and especially designed for working at a computer. Secondly, it is also necessary to make periodical breaks during long-term computer work. Just move the focus from the computer screen. A third tip is to occasionally instill artificial tears if necessary.