Visual snow needs more study

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Many people in either developed or developing countries may have experienced a phenomenon while they are watching TV that there seems nothing playing. This situation is not necessarily caused by a broken TV set. It may be resulted from blurry vision at the audience’s side caused by a special condition named visual snow. In the world, only a very small fraction of individuals suffer from this visual problem. There are researches publishing that there are approximately 4,000 folks per month in the world who search for the phrase of visual snow or its variations.

Visual snow is a tough condition

Even if it occurs very rarely, visual snow deserves people’s close attention. People can learn more about this condition from Youtube Videos on the Internet. Most people have seen white snow flakes, which are the obvious symptom of visual snow. In general, it is a very tough predicament to deal with. However, scientific research on visual snow is nearly absent.

Its link with macular degeneration

With little study on it, it is possible to find out that visual snow is closely associated with macular degeneration. While visual snow is not so serious, macular degeneration has been widely recognized as one of the leading causes of blindness. There are a considerable proportion of patients with visual snow who also suffer from macular degeneration. And it is estimated that over 3 million people in the United States have macular degeneration.

Established treatment for visual snow is still unavailable

Seeing snow or television-like static in parts or whole of the visual field is really a bothersome condition. And this eye problem can occur is a variety of ophthalmologic disorders. A disappointing fact is that currently there is no established treatment for visual snow. People experiencing visual snow may seek a solution. The first choice recommended by some eye doctors is clonazepam. Before effective medications come into reality, appropriate counseling and cognitive behavioral interventions are quite important for patients to deal with this condition.