Methods of eye care

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Like a photo-sensor, the human eye enables a person to see and perceive the world around. People also use their eyes to interpret colors, shapes and dimensions by processing the light emitted by the surrounding objects. The eyes are actually supposed to provide the best depth perception as well as better movement during the entire lifetime. Healthy eyes are really critical for all groups of people around the world. A worrying fact is that many vision disorders and even eye diseases have discovered and they will probably affect many more folks.

Eye care linked with diet and supplements

The eye is such an important organ that it deserves the best care. It is always true that eye care is better than eye cure. Doctors have developed many ways to prevent vision problems before they occur. For example, vitamins such as vitamin A have been discovered to benefit eye health significantly. Some minerals from regular diet can also be beneficial. It is strongly encouraged by eye care practitioners to take a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding taking excessive fat. Another critical point is to take supplement products that include multiple eye nutrients.

Different ways to reduce and prevent eye strain

Some eye exercises have proven to be effective in reducing excessive eye strain, which can considerably slow down age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration. In addition, eye strain reduction can also lower the risks of eye injury, accident and vision loss. There are still some tips for relieving eye strain. First is to get plenty of light during materials reading. Evidences show that a white background against black text is too glaring and harmful to children’s eyes. Kids are advised to read colored text on cream-colored background.

Clean the eyes properly using cleaner and compress

The skin surrounding the eyes is quite sensitive so that proper cleaning and adequate hydration should be ensured. It is very important to clean the eyes perfectly and regularly. There are various types of cleaners that are available. These cleaners should be applied after the eye’s surface has been humidified with moist cotton, which can remove dusts. After cleaning the surface, chamomile infusion on a compress can be applied to the eyes. This process should last at least 10 minutes. This compress treatment can effectively help the eyes recover from looking tired or red and their glow will come back.

How to deal with dark circles under the eyes

Today, some people are bothered by dark circles under the eyes. This condition can be caused by many reasons, e.g. thinning skin, allergies and hayfever, genetics, fluid retention and lack of sleep. This problem also deserves right care because it certainly affects people’s general appearance. Some remedies have been developed to deal with this problem: be sure to drink enough water, wear sunscreen, get plenty of rest, apply plain cool teabags over closed eyes, apply vitamin K cream, wear special eye masks at night.