Choosing a sports vision specialist

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Today, the increasing number of vision-impaired people is really worrying. Nearly all individuals rely on good eyesight during daily activities and work. Clear vision is especially important for athletes and similar groups, but it is sometimes necessary for these people to visit professional doctors. Finding a specialist of sports vision is an easy thing. The most effective method is to ask your eye doctor for a referral. Most eye doctors who specialize in sports vision are optometrists or ophthalmologists. Sometimes, ophthalmologists who conduct LASIK or other eye surgeries also provide sports vision services.

Websites that provide information about sports vision specialists

Except for eye doctors’ recommendation, there are a lot of websites about sports specialists on the Internet. Finding a specialist of sports vision over the Internet is also a good idea. You can simply type the key words such as “sports vision specialists” into the input box of search engines. American Optometric Association (AOA) has a professional website listing detailed locations of sports vision specialists. You can find a local optometrist who is a member of the association’s Sports Vision Section using the AOA search tool. Most of the members of this association are outstanding in this field.

COVD specializes in children’s sports vision

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) devotes mainly to the study of children’s vision development. Optometrists in this field seek effective methods of correcting childhood vision problems by practicing vision therapy. Vision therapy is believed by some eye care practitioners to be effective in reversing existing vision problems at an early stage. In addition, some of the COVD members also provide services for adults. People can find these doctors on the COVD website.

Get help from sports coaches

Except for sports vision specialists, coaches of high school or college sports team are another choice for gaining advice on sports vision. This group is to some extent because some of the team members or students have experienced certain vision problems affecting sports performance. And coaches usually know something in detail. For instance, they may give you some suggestions, such as the effectiveness of certain treatments and their period and costs.

How to evaluate a sports vision doctor

However, an eye doctor sometimes can not provide information about all aspects of sports vision and offer related suggestions. In order to evaluate the eligibility and capability, it is necessary to ask certain questions about the targeting sports doctor before making a decision. For example, it is strongly encouraged to be aware of the doctor’s experience and expertise, the period and expense of the prescribed therapy and so on.