Eye tests from sports vision doctors

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The vision consists of several skills, such as depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision, focus and so on. Since what people understand about environment relies mostly on the eyes, vision skills are very important for all outdoor activities, including golf, basketball, baseball, etc.

There are some benefits for people who choose to see an eye-care practitioner specializing in sports vision, because sports vision testing is more extensive than traditional vision exam. A sports vision test will test players the ability in managing vision while moving and interacting with others objects or people. Many professional athletes train their sport vision through this kind of vision test, including high school and college athletes, golfers, tennis player, billiards players, and even some professionals, such as law enforcement personnel and pilots.

Sports vision specialists will ask visitors some questions about outdoor activities and make a complete eye exam. Additional testing can determine visitor’s sports-related needs. For example, the tester may be asked to react to 3-D images, projected by a holographic light. Computerized tests can also measure the reactions of testers. In addition, in order to understand the tester’s actual on-field visual conditions and reactions to various sports situations, the sports specialists may attend his/her games or matches. Videos of games are another choice for specialists.

In most cases, one visit to a specialist is enough to improve your visual skills. However, many specialists require several visits during some training programs, which are helpful in developing stable visual skills.