Types of sports eyeglasses

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Some people may not notice that their eyes are at risk during certain sports. Having a right pair of sports eyewear can actually improve performance and reduce the risk of getting sports-related eye injuries. Statistics from “Protective Eyewear for Young Athletes” show that there are more than 42,000 eye injuries that happen during various sports each year in the United States. And more than 70 percent of these eye injuries happen to young guys who are under 25 years old. According to other statistics, protective eyewear for those who take part in sports regularly, especially for teens and athletes, is very essential.

Specific sports decide the types of sports eyewear

Choosing the right protective eyewear for specific sports is not an easy job. It depends on the kind of sport that the wearer frequently participates in. For basketball, a right pair of sports eyewear needs to protect the eyes from other players’ fingers and elbows. During racquet sports, protective eyeglasses should be able to withstand the force from high speeding balls. When enjoying outdoor sports for a long time, it is also necessary to wear sunglasses that filter out hazardous ultraviolet (UV) light. Different sports require varying types of protective eyewear, such as face masks, shields, goggles, sunglasses and scuba masks.

Goggles are available in a wide variety

Goggles can provide protection during snow skiing, soccer and so on. One of the common sports eyewear products is ski goggles. Since polycarbonate is very lightweight and resistant to impact, polycarbonate lenses can be the best choice for most sports. Properly-fitted swimming goggles which can avoid water containing pool chemicals or infection-causing bacteria should fit against the bony socket around the eye and do not affect blood circulation. While doing sports outdoors, make sure that the sports goggles can block 100 percent of the UV rays.

What to expect from sports sunglasses?

Compared with goggles, sports sunglasses pay more attention to the protection from the sun’s UV rays. Besides the functions including reducing glare and filtering the sunlight, they also shield the eye from dust and wind. Nearly all high-quality sunglasses take UV protection as the top one priority. This is the most fundamental need from customers. But the capability of glare filtration is actually an optional item. Moreover, different styles of sunglass frame are designed for specific sports. Nevertheless, while enjoying activities outdoors, the first task is to choose sunglasses that can block 99 to 100 percent of sunlight, especially UVA and UVB rays.

When are face masks and eye shields needed?

Face masks and eye shields can also protect the eyes during sports. Some sports require players to wear face masks to protect all or part of their face, while some other sports require an eye shield to protect the players’ eyes, like football game and ice hockey. Meanwhile, the shield should also be able to block UV rays in outdoor sports. When it comes to diving, using a pair of diving mask firstly protect the eyes under the water and secondly enhance the wearer’s performance.