The importance of wearing Sports glasses

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It is reported that there are more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries that occur in the USA every year, according to Prevent Blindness America. So how to protect the eyes against all dangerous factors during sports is an important issue everyone should pay attention to. Nowadays, wearing sports glasses is a popular way that most follow so as to protect their eyes. The following will illustrate why sports eyewear is so important and how to find suitable sports glasses.

Sports glasses offer necessary eye protection

As for the function of sports glasses, there are mainly two points that deserve careful evaluation. Firstly, sports glasses can protect our eyes from dangerous objects that are involved in different sports. For example, during some ball games, a fast-moving ball, high-speed racquets in a confined space, pokes and jabs from team players or competitors can cause a serious injury to the eye. What is more devastating, a great portion of eye injuries covered by official statistics are severe and beyond perfect recovery. Many people have to endure life-long vision deterioration.

Sports glasses help players improve performance

Secondly, sports glasses can help players achieve good performance during both regular trainings and matches. This function comes from the special designs of both sports eyewear frame and lenses. More specifically, most sports eyewear manufacturers choose to design wraparound frames in order to provide optimal protection for customers’ eyes. Moreover, they also use polycarbonate to produce lenses for sports eyewear, bringing precious features such as impact resistance, lightness and extreme thinness. All these valuable lens characteristics enable players to perform better.

Tips for choosing sports eyewear

Then how to select a pair of suitable sports glasses? While assessing the lenses of sports glasses, it is encouraged to select lenses made of polycarbonate since it is impact-resistant, UV-blocking and scratch-resistant. The second point is to consider the frame of sports glasses. Today, most sports eyewear frames are made of highly impact-resistant plastics. Anyway, choose the one suitable for the sport strength and comfortable to wear. The frame should be strong enough to hold the lenses. Last but not least, do not forget to select a suitable size, especially for children. Though they grow more quickly than adults, large sports glasses are not comfortable to wear and can not offer the right protection it should have.