Tints for corrective lenses

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Eyeglass lenses can be applied with many tints and shading options nowadays. This is an important aspect to consider when customers choose proper eyeglasses. Lens tints have mainly two different functions, changing the eyeglass look and adding extra optical properties to the lenses.

Possible ways to apply lens tints

Lens tints can be applied in different ways. Some tints permeate the actual lens materials, and some are absorbed into the lens surface. Lens tints can also act as a coating material or a type of laminate to the lens surface. These types of lens tints suit different visual needs of customers as well as specific lens materials.

Sunwear tints

In addition, sunwear tints can be applied to prescription lenses, in order to block out UV rays. With sun tints, corrective eyeglasses can perform similar tasks as sunglasses. Transitions lenses are special that they can change their colors under different light conditions. Exposed to sunlight, transitions lenses will darken and they will lighten back when sunlight is absent. They can be as dark as sunglass lenses and as bright as clear lenses.

Fashion tints

Fashion tints refer to various colors or shades that are used to tint prescription lenses. These tints are made of optical plastic and function in several ways. They can accent, complement or bring out the wearer’s eye color. In these ways, fashion tints provide special looks.

Computer tints

Computer tints in various types are commonly used to make computer work more comfortable. For those who regularly focus on computer tasks, some symptoms such as eyestrain, blurry vision or even headaches may occur. Computer tints combined with anti-reflective coating can reduce glare from computer screen and add contrast.

There are still many shades of tints, either for fashion purposes or to protect the eyes from fierce light. Corrective lenses are available in quite a few colors. Blue tint allows 70% of visible light to go through the lens inside. Brown tint can enhance the view and it suits driving and computer use. Gray is particularly helpful in dulling bright light. Corrective lenses with a gray tint can reduce glare.

Tints for corrective lenses

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