Three types of clip on sunglasses

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Clip on sunglasses are quite special that they are placed over prescription eyeglasses in order to block the glare of the sunlight. Using sunglass clip ons, it is unnecessary to remove the eyeglasses. In fact, these clip on sunglasses come with no temples and attach to the frame of prescription glasses. Nowadays, this style of sunglasses is very popular among outdoor activity and sports enthusiasts. They usually need vision correction and UV protection at the same time. Currently, there are mainly three types of clip on sunglasses, namely standard clip on, flip up clip on and magnetic variants.

clip on sunglasses

Standard clip ons

The standard form clip-on sunglasses have a clip at the center of the bridge and fasten onto prescription glasses over the same spot. In other words, such a clip on has a claw that hooks to the regular prescription frame. It is worth reminding that these clip ons are completely separate from regular glasses. It is necessary to put them on when UV protection is needed. And once visual correction is necessary, they should be taken off. Many people think this is cumbersome. In typical, there are lenses with UV protection, coating and tints. Prescription eyeglasses come in different frame shapes such as square, oval and circle, so that clip-on sunshades thus have corresponding shapes.

Flip-up clip ons

The second form is flip up clip-on. In typical, these clips use a magnet to attach to a prescription frame, so that they are sometimes called magnetic flip-ups. They usually require a bit effort to snap them on. Different from standard clip ons, flip-ups do not require frequent insertion and removal. These clip ons can be simply flipped up and then will provide unobstructed view when they are not in use. Based on personal tastes, this kind of clip on sunglasses comes in different shades. Similar to standard ones, flip-up clips have UV protected and coated lenses.

Magnetic clip ons

The third type is magnetic clip on sunglasses. This form has invisible magnetic clips which can fasten along the sides of prescription eyeglasses. With the magnetic feature, these clip ons are easy to use and they just “click” into the right place. Also due to its magnetic feature, this type of clip ons is often made of titanium frame. Other aspects such as shapes and shades are similar to the standard type and flip-up type.

Tips for selection

With the wide availability of three forms of clip on sunglasses, it is also important to know something about how to choose an appropriate one. A must-know point is that magnets may interfere with pacemakers. Users involving related tasks should make an intended consultation before buying magnetic clip ons. In addition, the shape of a clip on should exactly coincide with the shape of prescription glasses. Compared with prescription sunglasses, clip ons are much more affordable by ordinary people.