Conditions after LASIK surgery

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Today, many people resort to LASIK surgery in order to rectify any troubles with their vision. This is quite reasonable and LASIK can actually restore sharp vision for most patients. After a LASIK procedure, it is quite likely to see everything farther away clearly. Note this visual outcome is achieved without the help of corrective eyewear. Recognizing the visual restoration brought by LASIK on one hand, it is important to know on the other hand some other points about postoperative eye care.

Rx eyeglasses and contact lenses are no longer needed

What’s more, LASIK surgery can permanently remove the need for prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. Patients with myopia or hyperopia in the past will never be bothered by the use of eyewear after receiving a good outcome from LASIK. Although there are risks of the surgery, they occur quite rarely. A vast majority of LASIK patients can get rid of the dependence on prescription eyewear successfully. This is the most exciting advantage of this laser eye surgery.

Keep calm during the surgery

Patients after a LASIK surgery need to take extra care of their eyes because the eyes are fragile. Many patients even become quite anxious when the surgery is coming to the end. Actually, they should keep calm during the entire procedure. Getting excessively excited involves more risks because extra strain in the eye nerves may be aroused. This will inevitably exert more difficulty on the surgeon.

How to deal with postoperative eye irritation

Irritation is a common condition among patients who have just received a LASIK procedure. It is normal and should not raise any anxiety. What they should do is to protect their eyes from any external touch. For example, LASIK patients should never hold a child when they have just finished the procedure, because the kid’s moving hands may unintentionally hit the delicate eye.

Never rub the itchy eye

Itchiness and burning feeling are also possible experiences after a LASIK procedure. Some patients may want to rub the eye, which should be strictly avoided. Improper rubbing may set back the outcome of LASIK surgery. In most cases, these feelings will go away quite soon. For some patients, wearing an eye mask is an effective way to prevent unintentional rubbing.

Postoperative re-visits are necessary

After several days of LASIK procedure, patients should go back to revisit the doctor for postoperative eye analysis or exam, which can evaluate LASIK results and detect any complications. This step should be not skipped or ignored.