Possible side effects of laser eye surgery

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Laser eye correction surgery is generally safe and effective in correcting vision problems. However, there is still the risk of developing certain complications and side effects. Patients who are considering a laser eye surgery should learn more about these risks through a comprehensive conversation with the surgeon. This is quite necessary to keep an appropriate expectation. This writing focuses on the potential side effects of a typical laser eye surgery.

Some patients may feel burning, scratchy or gritty after the surgery

Discomfort may occur immediately after the surgery. Some people would report a burning, scratchy or gritty feeling in the eye postoperatively. Fortunately, these symptoms are just temporary. Remember that eye rubbing is rigorously prohibited even if there is such a feeling. The eyes treated by a laser during the surgery are much more delicate than usual. If the condition lasts for several days, it is the time to ask for the surgeon for medical help. In addition, patients are lucky that modern anesthetization technology can free them from eye pain during the surgery.

dry eyePostoperative dry eye and treatment

Dry eye is another commonly reported condition among laser eye surgery patients. In detail, LASIK is believed to cause dry eye at a higher rate than PRK. And in fact, most patients will experience dry eye after the surgery to different degrees. To make a remedy, surgeons usually prescribe artificial tears or eye drops, which are also available over the counter at any pharmacy.

Glare is a common condition in bright conditions

Glare occurs more frequently in people with large pupils. This side effect is said to cause discomfort in bright light conditions, especially during night driving. Good news is that glare caused by laser eye surgery will disappear on its own. Before the unusually glare perception terminates, it is highly encouraged to avoid nighttime driving. Similarly, some outdoor activities or sports involving strong sunlight reflection should be delayed.

Eye healing may cause haze

Also as a temporary condition, haze may affect laser eye surgery patients at different degrees. This side effect is caused by the eye’s natural healing, which forces collagen fibrils form protein to deposit on the eye surface. Haze would automatically resolve as the healing process progresses.

Photophobia and decentered ablation

Photophobia is a side effect that causes extreme light sensitivity. This condition usually happens immediately after the surgery and disappears after a few days. Decentered ablation is also possible that if the laser used during the procedure was improperly aligned with the pupil. Follow-up treatment is needed for this side effect. An ignorance of this condition may lead to a more serious consequence.

A loss in contrast detection temporarily or permanently

Some patients after laser eye surgery may note a difficulty in perceiving high contrast objects such as street signs. This side effect is named loss of contrast detection. While most patients can get rid of this condition completely, a small number may suffer a permanent consequence.