Negative attitude towards monovision LASIK

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There is currently a special form of LASIK named monovision LASIK. This kind of laser eye surgery corrects one eye for distance vision and the other for close vision. This way is considered by some surgeons as an effective solution to presbyopia. However, monovision LASIK is believed to produce “designer eyes” by some vision educators. Once a patient can not adapt to the monovision effect, such a surgery is a disaster. Instead, some eye care practitioners recommend Natural Vision Education as an alternative.

monovision LASIK

Two coordinated eyes cooperate with the two hemispheres of the brain

A normal individual has two eyes, which are believed to work together as an integrated team. In a normal state, each eye can see objects clearly. But the two eyes cooperating together are stronger in perceiving objects than a single eye. This is simply the effect of collaboration. What’s more, the eyes have special relationship with the brain. While the left eye is more closely associated with the right brain, the right eye functions in an opposite way.

The coordination between the eyes and the whole brain is critical for both image perception and interpretation. Both of the two hemispheres of the brain are involved during image processing, so that the two eyes should perform respective tasks together. This cooperation between the two eyes is similar to that between the two legs of an individual. Only two legs working together can offer proper balance.

Monovision LASIK is much more risky

Monovision LASIK is considered by experts of Natural Vision Education as foolish. The two eyes of a person are just like two arms or legs. They work together and maintain good balance. Receiving a monovision LASIK will permanently break this balance and coordination between two eyes. It is widely known that monovision contact lenses are not suitable for all presbyopic patients. Some of them can never get adjusted to these lenses. This is the reason why an eligibility test is necessary before fitting monovision contact lenses. Monovision LASIK involves permanent corneal reshaping and is much more risky in the long run.

Natural Vision Education is a better alternative

These experts think that Natural Vision Education is a much more holistic alternative. It is still far cheaper than designer glasses and laser eye surgeries. Natural Vision Education is believed to be a mature and viable alternative to other solutions to eye problems. These increasingly popular methods include eyeglasses, contact lenses and types of laser eye surgeries. Practitioners of Natural Vision Education encourage individuals to value their eyes as well as eyesight as the precious gifts.

Taking good care of the eyes is an overwhelming task for every one. Natural Vision Education does require much effort and regular participation on the side of a patient. But its benefits are claimed to be priceless.