Tips for online eyeglasses purchase

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In recent years, shopping eyeglasses online has become a very popular choice among eyewear users because this way brings great convenience yet requires only a few clicks of the mouse. This channel enables people at any corner of the world to select their favorite eyeglasses simply. While the advantages or benefits of online purchase have been widely recognized, it is still necessary for customers to take into consideration many factors, such as frame design, lens design, their materials and fitting.

What products are available?

Online eyeglasses sellers always list detailed products in different frame and lens materials such as plastic, metal and polycarbonate. These regular products are available nearly at all of the online eyewear shops. In addition, some sellers provide eyeglasses with lenses that are applied with various coatings such as anti-reflective coating and UV coating. It is personal need that matters during lens selection. You can make your favorite decision.

It is necessary to provide personal pupil distance

Your exact pupils’ distance (PD) is needed when the optician places the lenses in your frame, in order to set the lenses’ optical center directly in front of your eyes. As a result, customers are always required to provide personal PD figure when they try to make an order. The measurement of PD requires some skills, which may be presented on the websites by some online eyeglasses providers. You can follow step-by-step explanations to measure your PD in the mirror or ask your friend for help.

How to get comfortable vision

Headache can be caused if your lenses’ optical center is improperly placed, so that the eyeglass fitting is quite important. Excessive large frames can not rest stably on your nose, while too small frames will pinch your head sides and leave red marks on your temples. Tips from online stores can guide you to fit eyeglasses by yourself, such as measuring your head with a tape. Professional doctors can always prescribe eyeglasses with proper prescription and weight for the sake of the wearer’s comfort.

“Try on” favorite glasses at an online store

While you can try on eyeglasses in conventional stores for actual looks, some websites provide a TryItOn process, which gets the customer’s photo and superimposes his or her interested frames’ images on the photo. Such a virtual try-on system enables people to get similar effect as they can achieve in a local shop. Other sites recommend common combinations of different face shapes and frame shapes.

What about buying bifocals online?

Due to their fitting complexity, bifocal glasses are deliberately neglected by some online eyeglasses providers. In fact, those websites that accept bifocals orders conduct this business on an individual basis, rather than by filling out a form. Online bifocal eyeglass purchase requires more in-depth discussion with a knowledgeable doctor. And at the customer’s side, there is more risk of buying bifocals and even trifocals on the Internet.

About return policy and price comparison

Customers are entitled to some sorts of refund according to return policies published on the provider’s website, depending on the problems they encounter. During an online glasses purchase, no optician is available for help. But if you have keep in mind most of the required information such as your frame size and exact prescription, online buying is convenient and delightful. For a most competitive price, you can make a little comparison of shopping by telephone, in person and online.