Benefits and drawbacks of Acuvue contact lenses

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Acuvue contact lenses offer many benefits to wearers. This is one of the most popular contact lens brands in this market. But they also have some drawbacks some people may not know. This article provides a detailed description of these two aspects of Acuvue Dailies.

Comfortable Acuvue lenses eliminate daily cleaning

Acuvue contact lensesWith Acuvue contact lenses, there are no more cleaning solutions needed. Wearers can solely get a fresh pair every day. Fresh contact lenses can always spell comfort, which can be better experienced by new comers to daily disposable contact lenses.

Minimize the risk of developing eye infection

Acuvue contact lenses involve no disinfection, so that fewer chemicals are needed. With Acuvue daily contacts, the risk of developing eye infections can be decreased. It is quite understandable that fresh lenses require less lens handling, which is surely to reduce the risk of suffering irritation and infections.

Guarantee clear vision and offer use help

Fresh Acuvue contact lenses can usually provide clear and sharp vision. In addition, these lenses are reported to provide an extra moist version particularly for wearers with dry eye. All Acuvue Dailies are marked so that the wearers can easily tell right side out. Some of the Acuvue contact lenses have light tint, making them more easily to be found. Other lenses are moving closer to the expiration date everyday. However, Acuvue daily contact lenses will be opened only when the wearer needs them.

Acuvue daily contacts cost more in the long run

There are still several drawbacks of Acuvue lenses. One fact is that a pair of these daily contact lenses actually costs less than a pair of extended wear lenses. But daily lenses come in a higher amount consumed by the wearers. As a result, the total expense is always much higher. What’s more, Acuvue daily contact lenses come in only two models currently. One is the regular type and the other is the extra moist model.