Prosthetic contact lenses for disfigured eye

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As the name suggests, prosthetic contact lenses are created to decorate disfigured eyes. They either mask eye flaws caused by trauma and eye diseases or block excess light for abnormally functioning eyes. Prosthetic contact lenses can provide a healthy eye appearance using custom-painted colors. They have no special difference in terms materials and care methods from regular contact lenses.

What eye conditions are under control by prosthetic contact lenses?

Prosthetic contact lenses are designed to provide a natural match-up between the two eyes, since an eye disfigurement may be caused by injuries, conditions or infections. These dangerous sources are very probably to bring a conspicuous eye. Many eye conditions can be “cured” by prosthetic contacts, such as aniridia, albinism, double vision and trauma-caused cornea disfigurement. Prosthetic contact lenses can also cover the eye movement for people with nystagmus and reduce the amount of light for people with light sensitivity. Colored contact lenses may be used to correct amblyopia on children since they may remove patches on the stronger eye for vision blocking.

Where to get prosthetic contacts

Prosthetic contact lenses can be prescribed directly by your eye doctor. But in most cases, they are customized by manufactures according to the close-up photographs of your eyes, in order to get the proper eye color and appearance matching. Manufacturers may also provide samples for doctor’s selection.

For instance, eye-disfigured patients can go to for a customized pair of prosthetic contact lenses. This is one of the leading providers of prosthetic lenses in the U.S. for more than 20 years. They provide custom hand-painted contact lenses that appear in the color, depth and detail of a real eye, guaranteeing a completely natural look. This online retailer claims that they have served more than 1,000 patients who suffer from a congenital or traumatic eye injury.