Problems we may encounter with contact lenses

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Make sure your contacts are well fitted

A competent eye care practitioner is critical to proper lens fitting. Some contact lenses wearers worry about the appropriate position of their lenses. In fact, wearers must put their lenses straight on the cornea. And well-fitted lenses will always stay in the right position as the eyes move. A cheapskate may want to re-use contact lenses that were prescribed months or even years ago. This is very dangerous because during the period bacteria may grow. A new pair is needed.

Contact lenses are available for patients with a very high prescription

Contact lenses are medical devices so that they require new eye examination and lens fitting every time a wearer wants to change a brand or a prescription. These changes must be under the supervision of an eye doctor. With proper advice from the doctor, contact lenses are quite safe. Nearly all myopic patients with different amounts of the problem can benefit from contact lenses because certain custom lenses are designed to correct up to -30.0 diopters.

Do not switch to Rx eyeglasses abruptly

Some people want to alternate between contacts and eyeglasses after many years of contacts wearing. These people are much likely to be dissuaded by their eye doctors. Both hard and gas permeable contacts cause a change in the cornea because of a long term of pressure exertion on it. Once a wearer does want to make a switch to eyeglasses, an eye specialist may refit GP lenses that exert no pressure and the cornea will be rehabilitated.

Pay attention to protein buildup

After long-term of contact lenses wear, the corneas have certain changes in shape. As a result, this kind of people must wait a long period before getting permanent vision correction through a surgery such as LASIK. Protein built-up on the lenses can cause eye problems and even allergic conditions such as small bumps on the eyelid. In these cases, the wearer should stop wearing lenses temporarily and go to see an eye professional.

Misuses of contact lenses

Sunbath with contact lenses in the eyes may cause problems such as temporary eye redness and irritation, due to the enlarged corneas under sunshine. In this situation, contacts wearers should keep lubricating drops and wear additional protective eyeglasses. Some kids play with fire that they keep contact lenses in the eyes without removal as long as two months. Properly designed extended contact lenses allow more oxygen to enter the eye, but most contacts require daily removal and care. If you make a mistake and risk your eyes, vessel growth, infections, lid changes, allergies, corneal warping and even blindness may occur.