What we should be aware of contact lenses

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Red eye and eyesight deterioration associated with contacts

Usually caused by allergies and dry eye syndrome, chronic red or bloodshot eye is a common symptom among contacts wearers. These people should visit an eye doctor to get a proper exam and receive appropriate treatment. Another problem is that the eyes may weaken even after a long period of lens wear and stable vision. This change in prescription can be caused by a curvature change in either GP lenses or soft lenses. Lens curvature change is a serious problem since it usually affects the wearer’s vision and comfort. It is very necessary to ask an optician or doctor for a checkup or replacement.

Both GP and soft lenses can be comfortable

Although GP lenses provide sharper vision than soft lenses, the latter type has its own benefits that most people can achieve comfortable vision in a shorter period. Currently, silicone hydrogel soft lenses can also increase oxygen to the cornea, which is a significant improvement. With a valid, up-to-date prescription, customers can simply order contact lenses online. But they should insist on the same lens brand and lens type for eye safety.

Do not misuse daily wear lenses

Not all soft lenses are approved to be worn during sleep, so that it is wise to follow the doctor’s instructions. Never misuse daily wear lenses for extended wear, in case of permanent vision damage. Improper lenses can result in the growth of new blood vessels, which is quite problematic. The reason is insufficient oxygen in the eye, so that most doctors will require patients to stop wearing temporarily or even for ever.

Water percentages and environmental factors

Contact lens products contain different amounts of water, so that some people may feel more dryness from certain contacts. It is true that all contacts evaporate on the eye, but they last different periods. There are still different opinions on whether high-water lenses are more suitable for people with dry eye. In fact, environmental factors such as humidity, wind and temperature all play a role.

Misconception of stuck lenses

Prism in glasses is sometimes used to correct double vision, by aligning the two images into one. Some wearers consider that contacts may roll up behind the eyes and get stuck. This has nothing scientific support. Contact lenses may slide off the cornea, which can be easily resolved by an eye doctor. It is inadvisable to try to get out the lenses imprudently by yourself. The cornea may be damaged.

Never switch between two incompatible lens solutions

Contact lens wearers are always prohibited from switching lens solutions, which contain different chemical elements. Poor lens solutions at a low price may cause unexpected results such as light sensitivity, eye allergy and lens discoloring. In most cases, the eye doctor or practitioner who prescribes your contact lenses will recommend a specific lens solution for regular lenses cleaning, rinsing and disinfection. It is important to insist on this recommended solution product. In rare cases, it is possible to switch to another solution, after consulting the doctor about the compatibility and getting an approval.