Treatments of normal eyelid spasm

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Eyelid twitching is the condition that forces a person to close and re-open his or her eyes repeatedly and involuntarily. Many people regardless of female or male ones may have experienced this odd situation for one or several times. Well, a majority of these folks will just ignore it because there is no serious result. Very few people will think about a treatment for eyelid twitching. But the truth is that eyelid twitching should be taken seriously because this condition can actually lead to some bothersome results. And ordinary people should learn about the possible treatments for this eye condition.

Slight eyelid spasm is not serious

Medically called eyelid spasm, eyelid twitching can be quite annoying and even causes visual obstruction. In some cases, this problem lasts for several days or even weeks. While evaluating treatments for eyelid twitching, it is necessary to determine its severity. Most people only know the slight form of eyelid twitching. In most cases, a slight case of eyelid spasm will dissolve within three days. Most people who have such an experience belong to this group. In general, it is not serious and can be easily treated by following the instructions stated below.

Inadequate sleep is a possible cause

Adequate rest and sleep is essential for eye relaxation and may effectively serve as a solution to ongoing eyelid twitching. In addition to eyelid spasm, many other conditions like heart disease, depression, slurred speech, irritability and tremors may be caused by lack of sleep on a regular basis. Some people are usually so busy that they choose to reduce the amount and quality of their sleep. This reasonable excuse in some individuals is actually quite harmful to their general health including the eyes.

Nervousness is another cause

Eye twitching can be one of the symptoms or consequences of nervousness resulted from anxiety. It is widely believed that the overall mental situation is closely linked with physical condition. In this sense, people suffering eye spasm are advised to get rid of stress and calm down. There are several feasible ways to get calmed down, e.g. taking some deep breath. These tips are helpful in preventing eyelid twitching from occurring during activities such as delivering a speech. Generally speaking, eyelid spasm caused by mental nervousness is less serious than that resulted from inadequate sleep. It lasts usually a shorter time.

Avoid excessive caffeine intake

Excessive caffeine consumption is also thought to possibly cause eye twitching. Many people resort to a cup of coffee when they want to get a higher alertness in school or at work. Proper amount of caffeine intake is ok. But overdose of coffee consumption may lead to some health problems. Eye twitching is just one of them. Others ailments include tense muscles, delirium, nausea, headache, irregular heartbeat, restlessness, sleep disturbance etc. In general, coffee drinking is not a healthy habit.