Lutein from different sources

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Taking vision-improving nutrients is becoming a more and more popular option among both ordinary people and the elite. And in most of related products filled in the market, it is easy to find lutein. As a type of carotenoid, lutein is thought to fight against free radicals in the body and plays a key role in preventing age-related vision problems. Lutein is being taken by lots of ordinary people every day. There are mainly two ways to get beneficial lutein for eye health, namely healthy diet and nutrients supplements.

Get lutein from a healthy diet

In order to get the maximum benefit from lutein, it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in this substance. These foods should be part of a health diet. Antioxidants including lutein have been increasingly reported to fight against a range of physical aliments. As a result, a diet containing foods rich in natural antioxidants is highly encouraged by many doctors and nutritionists. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are particularly rich in lutein, because their colors are granted mainly by lutein.

How can the body absorb and utilize lutein effectively from the diet?

However, several factors are involved in a healthy diet’s effectiveness in providing lutein. In general, cooking can make nutrients break down so that excessive cooking of foods should be avoided. The healthiest way is to eat vegetables raw or slightly steamed. In addition, lutein can be easier for absorption if it is accompanied by some amounts of fat. For example, spinach dressed with a light olive oil improves the delivery of lutein. Egg yolks contain a certain amount of natural fats as well as plenty of lutein, so that they are one of the best sources of lutein.

What are negative factors of lutein absorption or intake?

Some factors can prevent a person from absorbing enough lutein from a daily diet. Low fat diet can not bring adequate lutein to individuals. This point has been discussed above. However, there are still some other negative factors of lutein absorption. For example, smoking people have certain disability in retaining carotenoids, including lutein. Moreover, individuals who drink a lot also have difficulty in absorbing lutein.

Lutein is included in many regular nutrient supplements

As an alternative to a well-balanced diet, natural daily supplements can help those people take proper amount of lutein as well as other nutrients. In addition to lutein, most daily supplements also contain a number of vitamins, minerals and other natural substances. These supplements can ensure enough lutein for the body and also improve the effectiveness of lutein because there are other nutrients.

A conclusion

Ordinary people can maintain fit and healthy by taking antioxidants such as lutein. Both a well-balanced diet and daily supplements can provide all those needed nutrients. But getting lutein from regular diet is more commonly recommended by eye care practitioners, partially because of the popular existence of artificial supplements in the modern market.