Palming for eye strain relief

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Palming is an effective way to reduce eye strain for everyone, especially those with defective eyesight. As a simply eye exercise, palming is believed to relieve eye fatigue and enable the eyes to see better for longer periods of time. It is one of the most effective ways to secure relaxation of all sensory nerves.

Preparations before doing palming

The first step is to let sunlight warm and stimulate the retinal nerves. And then cover both eyes with the cupped hands. Fingers should cross over the forehead and the heel of the palms rest on the cheekbones. No tightness is allowed in the eyelids, brows and fingers. Since all light have been excluded by the palms, the eyes should be closed lightly. One point is important that the palms should not touch the eyeballs.

The posture during this eye exercise

Maintain this posture and stay comfortable and relaxed. The elbows should rest comfortably on a wedge-shaped pillow on the lap. Keep the head and the back of the neck straight. One of the most important requirements of palming is that the body should be comfortable and relaxed. If the body is rigid and ill at ease, visual benefits can not be achieved.

Complete blackness is the final objective

As time goes by, the eyes will be free from color, grayness or images. Blackness is the only sensation that can be experienced. Seeing blackness requires the person to get rid of tension completely. In fact, the degree of blackness represents the degree of relaxation that has been achieved. For those who have not relaxed enough, colors such as blue-black and gray-black can be noticed.

Mental technique is needed

The effectiveness of palming greatly depends on mental habits. All light rays have been excluded so that this exercise is mostly a mental technique. It is necessary to remove all extraneous thoughts from the mind. Just forget the eyes and let the mind calm down. During palming, it is useful to take the mind like an etching needle in order to recall some scenes in the past, including great joy and happiness. In this way, the mind can be directed to one thing. Never strain to remember it. Over time, mental relaxation can be achieved and eyestrain can be removed.

The art of palming

Developed over one hundred years ago by Dr. Bates, palming is really a good way to obtain relaxation. In fact, the art of all methods used in the eradication of errors of refraction is the effect of relaxation. By situating the tired eyes in a black and quiet environment, palming can achieve a great degree of eye relaxation. There is no fixed answer to the question “how long should I palm”. Whilst some people find this eye exercise enjoyable once they try it, some others never enjoy it.