Some facts about lutein supplements

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Eye health is an increasingly important issue for people in their senior years. Visual refractive errors and serious problems like cataracts are affecting a large number of elderly guys. It is known by the public that many old individuals choose to take nutritional products in their daily lives, in order to maintain overall body health. Moreover, there are actually some professional nutritional products that are targeted at certain organs. Eye nutrients are also a popular category.

Lutein supplements are widely recommended by commercials

The eye of human being can benefit from a wide range of healthy substances. And in particular, there are currently many commercials advocating that lutein is beneficial to eye health. These commercials are mostly posted by supplement promoters or manufacturers. This article describes something beyond these commercials. Knowing these basic facts would help the seniors make a wise choice when they are buying nutritional products for eye health.

Why lutein is so important for eye health?

Over the years, many studies have focused on the effectiveness of lutein in preventing age-related macular degeneration (AMD). These studies as well as their results are mainly based on the fact that lutein as an antioxidant is highly concentrated in the macula. This part of the eye is responsible for central vision and visual acuity. So it is reasonable that lutein deficiency in the eyes can lead to eye problems. These studies recommend that high amount of lutein and zeaxanthin can lower the risk of cataracts and AMD.

Eye health does not rely on a single nutrient

However, a single nutrient may be actually a waste of time. There are many other factors affecting visual acuity. Any health problem in other parts of the body can indirectly influence eye health and probably increase the risk of AMD. These health conditions include high blood pressure, high cholesterol and so forth. Obesity and a diet high in fat are also dangerous factors to eye health. With any of these conditions, supplements may be useless.

Do not believe commercials promoting single-nutrient supplements

A healthy diet and regular physical exercises should also be considered. Those manufacturers of supplements who only promote the benefits of their products are dishonest. It is impossible to promise good results from a single supplement, regardless of other influential factors. If a person neglects all other health conditions but maintains single supplement, he is wasting time.

Take a healthy diet or choose multi-nutritional supplements

Some people eat fast foods or snacks at the day time. But a good diet is quite critical in maintaining body health. Other foods such as meat and potatoes should also be taken. In particular, carrots containing lots of carotenoids are beneficial. Many nutritionists recommend this vegetable. Even if natural foods are inadequate, a good multi-nutritional supplement is better than a single nutrient supplement.

Select supplements containing multiple natural nutrients

Yet the selection of multi-nutritional supplements is also an uneasy task. The disappointing fact is that most vitamins and antioxidants in supplement products on the market now are synthetic ones. They have never been proven to be beneficial to body health. One point is true that natural vitamins as well as other nutrients are better than petrochemicals.