Choose supplements containing natural ingredients

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Researchers have suggested various carotenoids for eye health, including lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, lycopene and so on. Although there is still controversy about the effectiveness of these nutrients, most studies show positive answers. Although there are many foods that contain certain of these components, it is difficult to get enough through diet. As a result, hundreds of supplement products come into the market with the purpose of bridging this gap.

Another explanation of age-related health problems

In the mainstream medical community, more and more experts believe that many age-related health problems are caused by exposure to petrochemicals and other toxins in the environment, rather than the commonly accused natural aging. On one hand, it is undeniable that the body’s natural aging brings inevitable deterioration of each organ including the eye. And this is the natural part of vision deterioration. But on the other hand, environmental factors are also recognized as a great contributor to age-related eye problems. Air and water pollution and unhealthy foods consumption are some of the major sources.

Choose supplements using natural nutrients

It is ok to consume certain kinds of supplements in order to get enough nutrients for eye health. But the customers should never ignore a key issue. Every customer is encouraged to make sure that these nutrients in supplements should be natural. As mentioned above, petrochemicals and other toxins contained in certain artificial products may cause health problems. This point makes the selection of healthy supplements overwhelmingly important.

Some examples of artificial foods

A surprising fact is that many supplements products actually provide artificial or synthetic nutrients. The large group of synthetic chemicals is just called petrochemicals. Synthetic vitamins are actually made from petroleum. In addition, some white bread is also synthetic. Although studies focusing on the efficacy of a synthetic versus a natural are still absent, it is reasonable for most customers to believe that natural ingredients are better.

Natural lutein and zeaxanthin are recommended for eye health

Lutein and zeaxanthin are widely recommended to slow down or prevent age-related macular degeneration. Potential factors of this disease include family history, high intake of dietary fat and obesity and so on. It is understandable to get these nutrients from supplement products. But it is very necessary to be careful about the things that put into the body. Only high quality supplements that contain natural ingredients should be selected.

Overweight people also need natural and healthy foods

Healthy foods are also important for overweight individuals. They should eat more natural, non-processed foods and skip artificial preservatives and fortified breakfast cereals. In addition, natural plant extracts are recommended. Taking these natural foods is beneficial to both their overall health and vision well-being.