Various types of specialty eyeglasses

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Besides eyeglasses for regular use, there are still various types of specialty eyewear or “task-specific” eyeglasses. Since one pair of eyeglasses does not fit all sizes in most cases, those specialty eyeglasses such as computer glasses, driving eyeglasses and protective glasses are helpful in specific circumstances. In most cases, regular prescription eyeglasses can not meet the specific requirements in terms of eye safety, UV protection, reading vision provision and the like. Most people need to switch to another pair of specialty eyewear for a dedicated task or activity that involves an unusual visual situation.

Glasses for special occupations or hobbies

Some people may need special glasses for certain jobs or hobbies. For instance, ordinary bifocal glasses require wearers to look down through the bottom part of the lenses to get close vision. For people who spend all day long on close reading, neck discomfort will surely occur. In this case, special-design bifocal and trifocal glasses named occupational bifocals and trifocals are needed. In addition, a separate pair of reading glasses is necessary for close-up work such as beading, needlepoint, crafting and so on. In addition, librarians or mail clerks are encouraged to use lenses with a Double-D design, which has a D-shaped bifocal segment at both the bottom and top sections. Occupations glasses are also helpful for television production people, golfers and so forth.

Spectacles for eye injury prevention

People may also need safety eyewear to ensure their eye safety in dangerous situations. Safety eyeglasses including sports goggles and shooting glasses usually feature ultra-durability, a wraparound design, top and side shields. The protection of the eyes is a must while participating in a risky activity involving flying objects or particles. There are really some dangerous sports and workplaces that may hurt the eye or eyes. Some people may like specialty eyewear just for fun and fashion.

Glasses for sports enthusiasts

Most sports require good visual acuity for satisfying performance, such as tennis ball, golfing and skiing. Sport-specific glasses can both enhance performance and provide necessary eye protection. This type of specialty eyewear is often made of polycarbonate lenses, covering skiing goggles, shooting glasses, swimming goggles and so on. There are actually many more sports that require the use of particular eyeglasses, like baseball, softball, hockey, football, paintball, just to name a few.

Eyeglasses for computer users

Computer glasses are particularly helpful during long period or regular computer work. Frequent computer users who wear only ordinary glasses will much probably suffer from computer vision syndrome (CVS) symptoms such as eye strain and headache. Computer glasses are designed exclusively for intermediate vision which is needed during computer work, providing the most suitable, computer-specific vision correction.

Eyewear for drivers

Glare reflecting off the road or the car’s windshield can be the cause of an accident because the driver fails to see the other cars or a pedestrian. Driving glasses including driving sunglasses and prescription glasses are needed to minimize the risk of accidents. Sunglasses for driving usually utilize polarized lenses and prescription glasses for driving always have anti-reflective coating, which also aim at reducing glare.