Proper computer use in children

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Today, computer becomes more and more important for both children and adults. While most adults need to use computer for work, many teenagers are indulged in online games. Of course, there are some positive aspects of computer use among children, e.g. doing homework. Kids may spend several hours in front of a computer every day, so that it is necessary for parents to consider what visual effects may be brought by excessive computer use.

Computer use by kids has both cons and pros

Some researches suggest that computer use can improve school readiness. There is no denying that school students can benefit from searching learning-related information over the Internet. And children who work on a computer may perform much better than those without a computer. However, spending too much time in front of a computer brings also a greater risk of developing computer vision syndrome and computer ergonomics problems. Some eye care practitioners believe that prolonged computer use can put kids at risk of having progressive myopia. In this sense, it is a necessity for parents supervise their kids on computer use.

What is the right posture in front of the computer?

Knowing some helpful tips is necessary for parents to avoid the negative side of computer use mentioned above. For instance, to reduce your kid’s risk of computer vision syndrome and ergonomics problems, you should make sure that your kid is seated comfortably and keeps a right posture in front of the computer. The characteristics of right posture are as follows. Computer screen should be positioned about 15 degrees below eye level. The head should be balanced on neck. The back should be straight. Upper arms are close to the body and do not angle away from his sides or titled forward.

They should also relax shoulders and arms. Feet are flat on the floor or a footrest, with knees forming at least a 90-degree angle. Forearms should be flat on the desk. Many doctors recommend that your kid had better to get some rest after they spend 20 to 30 minutes on a computer, which relieves muscle tension.

Regular breaks are important during computer use

Although myopia may be hereditary, too much computer use may cause myopia progression. Many researches say that excessive focusing may lead to changes in the eye. And focusing on a computer screen causes greater eye fatigue, which causes myopia. To avoid this risk, it is of great importance for kids to take frequent breaks during computer work. Children should take eyes off the computer after they have spent 20 minutes working and look something (green things are better) at least 20 feet away for at least 10 seconds. In addition, they can choose special computer glasses to help in relieving eye strain, which can slow down eye fatigue.

How can children use the computer more efficiently?

Generally, parents should monitor the behaviors of their children, in order to know whether they can use computer correctly and safely. You should encourage your child to work with a friend at the computer which is a good way to train your kid to be a good listener and speaker. Since certain software is difficult for children to understand, you should preview the software carefully.

Computer use is just supplementary

There are also some recommendations from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), who sets standards of excellent programs that are designed for children from birth to age 8. NAEYC considers that computer just as a supplementation should not replace books, outdoor exploration, and some other traditional education means.

Take a comprehensive eye exam before computer use

If your kid is ready for computer use at school, it is the time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for him. In general, a complete eye exam includes tests that evaluate vision skills for computer use and visual acuity. Before the exam, you need to tell your eye doctor whether you kid has some vision problems. Consistent blurred vision or eye fatigue may indicate vision problems. A comprehensive eye exam each year is essential for your kid.