Eyeglasses for different groups of people

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A regular or all-day pair of eyeglasses always reflects the appearance of the wearer: sophisticated, fun-loving, youthful, conservative or style-conscious. Eyeglasses are often referred to a real part of the wearer’s identity. It is worth mentioning that one size does not fit all. You may need several pairs of different eyeglasses to complement your multi-dimensional lifestyle as well as your personality. Taking a simple example, glasses for serious businessmen are generally unsuitable for a busy mom.

Since eyeglasses help create your image, the eyeglasses you choose should match your personality and lifestyle. Different activities and jobs may require varying eyeglass styles. In this case, keeping several pairs can be helpful to meet requirements in various occasions. For example, a pair of eyeglasses on a cocktail party should never be the same with another one used on the volleyball court. Different people such as a busy mom, a retired senior, a student usually choose different eyeglasses designs.

Glasses for college students

University years are important to build students’ own identity. Except for conservative environments, university students can show their styles by choosing eyeglasses with eye-catching colors and shapes, such as brighter colors and larger sizes. Oval, upswept rectangular and cat-eye shapes are the favorable choice college students. Other possible fashionable elements for them can be interesting colors such as plum, deep red and soft green, just to name a few. Compared with other groups of eyewear users, college and university students are more open-minded and willing to accept bold and innovative models.

Eyeglasses for businessmen

A professional image is critical for business men. Proper styles of eyeglasses can enhance this image, such as classic shapes including oval, rectangular and almonds, gold and silver frames and so on. Preferred colors for business men include silver, gunmetal, brown, and black, while golden tones, silver, burgundy and coffee are suitable for business women. For both businessmen and businesswomen, the glasses should help them create a formal appearance, so that those cute and funny styles should be avoided, like cat-eye glasses, bug-eye glasses, heart-shaped glasses etc. Wearing such a pair may ruin their image.

Eyeglasses for baby boomers

Baby boomers may feel lucky that more creative eyewear designs are available for them now, involving frame size and bold color. Geometric designs in thicker and larger plastic frames or metal frames are fashionable. Unusual colors include blue, green, purple etc… Baby boomers should not be constrained by those huge, old-fashioned metal frames in aviator shapes. They can absolutely change to those fashionable eyeglasses to create a young image. Eyewear manufacturers always take this large group’s needs into consideration and design stylish and attractive reading glasses and multifocal glasses.

Specialty eyewear

Active or sports eyeglass styles are quite different from that for normal “9-to-5” eyewear. Only special sport sunglasses or safety eyeglasses are eligible for weekend outdoor activities. Polarized lenses are essential to reduce glare from various surfaces. Polycarbonate lenses are more shatter-resistant for active sports. Participating in any sport or activity involving fierce body interaction, wearing a special pair of glasses that offer extra eye protection is very necessary. This is especially critical for professional athletes and sports amateurs.