Protective eyewear for kids

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Eye injuries happen more often if people don not wear protective eyewear or safety glasses during sports and certain activities. Normal vision will be seriously threatened if a physical or chemical injury of the eye occurs. In most cases, eye redness or pain can be obviously noticed in the affected eye. The youth as an active group is especially at the risk of suffering ocular injuries. So it is necessary for children who are vulnerable to eye injuries to pay more attention to necessary eye protection.

protective eyewear for kidsEye protection is a necessity during certain sports

Certain sports that require protective eyeglasses include most ball games such as baseball, soccer, softball and tennis and some recreational activities. Sports related eye injuries account for a great portion of the total ocular injuries. Since children usually can not help participating in these active yet interesting games, making them take appropriate protection is a must at the parents’ side. In some dangerous games, children also need to wear a polycarbonate face mask or wire shield.

Polycarbonate lenses offer several aspects of protection

When they play outdoors, make sure their protective eyewear can protect the eyes from the danger of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Since polycarbonate lenses not only provide superior eye protection, but also offer greater comfort due to their lightness, they are the best choice for children’s protective eyewear. Children who have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism can choose protective eyewear with prescription lenses which can both correct eyesight and lower the risk of eye injuries. A fact is that most lens materials are compatible with prescriptions.

Parents should persuade their kids to use protection eyewear

Before choosing protective eyeglasses for their kids, parents should first set a good example. The reason is that some kids may refuse to put such an additional device on their nose. But it is really important for parents to let their kids know that it is a must to wear protective eyewear when they play sports, especially those dangerous games.

Children’s preference for eyewear style should be respected

At the same time, it is equally important that parents should respect their children’s own choice of the eyewear style. Sometimes it is a good idea to take an advice from a professional optician on which eyewear fits the kids best. The selection of protective eyewear should be based on children’s eye condition and specific sports needs.