Suitable toys for children at different ages

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Children are born with an undeveloped visual system which may need stimulation during their first years. There is nothing could do better than a toy in stimulating a child’s vision ability. In general, newborns can see objects only up close and toddlers are farsighted. Some parents are aware of this point and give enough attention to the stimulation of their kids’ eyesight. However, kids who have toys may suffer some accidents if they don’t play with their toys correctly. As a caring parent, you should make sure that these toys are safe enough and age-appropriate for kids. In this article, we describe some aspects of suitable toys for little guys.

Toy size must be factored in

Toy size is a very important factor you should consider when choosing toys for your kid. Too small size involves much danger because kids may put the toy into their mouth and some toys may be toxic. Similarly, some large toys that can be manipulated into a smaller size also need to be avoided. Another point is to make sure that the toys are strong enough so that they will not break or fall apart under children’s regular and reason play.

Some dangerous toys should be avoided

Toys which may shoot objects in the air, such as slingshots or arrows, should be avoided by children under 6 years old. Otherwise, it is a must to supervise the kids when they play with such toys. You also need to be sure that toys for your kid are sturdily constructed and non-toxic. Some toys with sharp or rough edges are also not recommended. This kind of toys is very dangerous and quite probably lead to eye injury. A remedy is that if your children play with dangerous toys that may damage the eyes, make sure they have worn safety goggles.

Toys classification according to children’s ages

You’d better pay attention to the age or developmental recommendations on toys when you buy toys for your kid. While certain toys are not suitable for children of all ages, some others are restricted for children at certain ages. In other words, some toys should not be offered to children of certain ages for safety concern. There are some suggestions for age-appropriate toys for children.

Appropriate toys for kids from birth to two years old

For children under one year old, appropriate toys may include brightly colored mobiles, tattles, balls, activity gyms, blocks and pouring toys. When your kid is one-year-old, you can choose toys such as finger paints, stuffed animals, pouring toys, riding toys and musical toys. And when your kid is two-year-old, toys like finger paints, modeling clay, board books, balls, stuffed animals, riding toys, magnetic letters, climbing toys, sewing toys, musical toys and child-sized household toys are recommended.

Suitable toys for children aging from three to ten

When your child gets 3-6 years old, suitable toys for them may be larger than those for two-year-old guys. At this stage, kids can play with toy computer, toy camera with film, board games and roller skates and so on. For children between 7 and 10, suitable toys include bicycle, tape player, just to list a few. Toys like sports equipment, electric train set and some complex toys are also popular among this group.