Four types of Medicare advantage plans

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A Medicare policy holder can access some additional vision care benefits if he chooses an MA plan. Though the benefits depending on cost and coverage vary from plan to plan, you can access to the following basic benefits. You can get routine eye exams. Eyeglass frames and the lenses can receive some adjustments every year.

Medicare advantage (MA) plans include HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), PFS (Private Fee-for-Service plans), and Special Needs plans. If you opt for HMO, you can receive health care only from HMO providers who have contracted to provide services at reduced rates. Though Medicare PPO also can provide services at a fixed rate bellow retail prices, this plan allows policy holders to obtain health care form out-of-network providers. PFS plan is such a private health plan organization that you can access any provider in the provider list who abides by the plan’s regulation. Of course, you need to pay for each service when you receive services. Medicare special needs plan is for the policy holders confined to nursing homes, offering both Medicare and Medicaid.

If you want to switch to an MA Medicare plan, you should consider your options very carefully. Make sure the benefits you can get from the original Medicare plan and the new MA plan. It may not be worth if you choose an MA plan just for an extra vision benefit. The providers on the network provider list are also under the consideration, such as whether they can provide services in time and whether the providers are reputable enough. As for an MA plan, you may need to wait for an appointment from a network provider. The cost is also worth your consideration. Make sure whether the MA plan costs you more out-of-pocket money than the original plan.