Discomfort caused by computer use

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Some people complain that they have an ache in the neck, shoulders or back. They even experience headache. These are actually quite common among different groups of people and there are a lot of possible reasons. Nevertheless, very few people know that these kinds of discomfort can even be caused by vision problems. This is beyond most people’s imagination or common sense. This composition states some of the possible eye and visual conditions that may lead to one or several of the above problems.

Headache is a condition covered by Computer Vision Syndrome

People with presbyopia may suffer from headache if they focus on the blurry computer monitor for a long time. In particular, long-term computer use without the help of computer glasses can cause CVS signs including headache more easily. Moreover, ache and pain can also be aroused by bifocal glasses, which require the user to look upward and downward frequently for vision shift.

Tips for avoiding body discomfort during computer work

Another possible factor that relates to head, shoulder and back pains is the ergonomic setup. Most importantly, you should set the distance between your eyes and the monitor at 20 to 26 inches. The screen center is recommended to be 4 to 9 inches below your straight-ahead gaze. Raise or lower your chair to keep your arms parallel to the floor when you type, and remain your feet flat on the floor. You’d better to keep your back straight. A doctor’s visit may be needed for severe or continuous discomfort.