Aspects of shooting glasses

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Shooters need all kinds of eye protection both at shooting range and in the forest, because all kinds of shooting activities take place near to the face and are held at outdoors with wind, sun and dust. In addition, eye protection is also important during organized matches. When vision correction is not the key requirement, hunters and shooters will like to wear generic contoured non-prescription sports goggles which have a slight wrap around the face and keep wind and dust out. However, prescription lenses can be used to enhance the vision.

General style of shooting glasses

Generally speaking, eyeglasses for shooters differ in some aspects from regular prescription glasses for daily use. Shooting glasses with the styles which are similar to aviator sunglasses are designed for shooters and make them more comfortable while using a firearm. The frames in a round shape can prevent sharp corners from injuring the wearer’s face. There are a variety of materials that are available for shooting eyeglass frames, such as titanium, metals, plastic and tough polycarbonate.

Details of frame design of shooting eyewear

Some shooting glasses have special padding cushions, which help in keeping out wind and dust. Shooting eyeglass frames usually have flexible temples in order to provide protection during recoiling. The rounded ends of the temples can make wearers more comfortable. The adjustable nose pads made of soft materials also offer more comfort. In addition, the bridge which can adjust several locking positions makes the glasses right for any shot. All of these design details are expected to offer comfortable vision aid with guaranteed eye protection.

Shooting glasses usually use polycarbonate lenses

Polycarbonate lenses with scratch-resistant hard coating and UV protection are always the good choice for shooting glasses. While UV protection is originally embedded in polycarbonate lenses, the ability of scratch resistance is an add-on. Another exciting characteristic of polycarbonate lenses is impact resistance. In detail, their valuable property of impact-resistance can provide good protection of “blow-back” and “bounce-back”. Non-prescription shooting glasses usually have several pairs of lenses which can be changed according to light and atmospheric conditions.

Get additional benefit from colored lenses

In fact, glasses used for shooting belong to the large category of sports eyewear. Like other members in this family, shooting glasses are able to provide extra visual benefit for users in addition to indispensable eye protection. Similar to sports sunglasses for outdoor activities in sunny day, shooting glasses can also take use of colored lenses and thus bring additional help.

There are several types of colored shooting glasses. For example, shooters prefer to wear yellow or orange shooting glasses for gaining comfortable vision. The brighter yellow lenses are suitable for night wear. However, light purple shooting glasses can enhance the contrast between orange target and green background. The light purple color can be combined with vermilion and neutral gray, which can help wearers see objects well under bright sunlight. Polarized shooting lenses which can filter out glare are available almost in any color.