Eye twitch and treatments

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Many people may have experienced repeated eye blinking involuntarily. This annoying and embarrassing situation is actually called eyelid twitch or eyelid spasm. Slight or occasional eyelid twitches are normal and require no special concern. In most cases, people once suffering eye twitching will realize that the condition disappears without notification. As a result, a majority of involved people do not take a serious awareness. Slight eyelid twitching in this form is mainly caused by excessive eye use, which results in possibly eye strain, eye stress and fatigue. Proper rest and sleep is an effective solution.

Severe and persistent eyelid spasm is harmful

However, severe eyelid spasm is quite harmful that many consequences are possible. A fact is that eyelid spasm can also be caused by many other factors, e.g. caffeine, vitamin deficiency and some medications. While the condition persists, self-annoying consequences will follow, including vision obstruction, irritability and even complete eye closure. These consequences are measureable. But the economic and social embarrassment caused by severe eyelid twitches is beyond one’s control.

Botulism injection is commonest and effective cure

Currently the most common means to address severe eyelid twitching is botulism injection. This injection is believed to offer relief within two weeks after treatment. And botulism injection can completely cure eyelid twitching after three to four months. Administered into the areas around the eyes, botulism injection is effective in treating severe eyelid spasm. In particular, the upper lid muscles, the brow and the lower muscles will be applied. Widely accepted to cure eyelid twitching on one hand, botulism injection is also associated with some side effects on the other hand. Those effects include droopy eyelid, double vision and blurred vision. Fortunately, these side effects are temporary and will disappear quite soon.

Medications and laser eye twitch treatment

In addition to botulism injection, many forms of medications are also thought to be effective in treating severe eyelid spasm. They include Artane, Cogentin, Valium, Klonapin, Lioresal, Modopar etc. It is necessary to consult an eye doctor before buying a certain type of medication because different medications have different effects. Neurologist’s monitoring is also welcomed. In an extreme case, an eyelid surgery is needed when there are some issues affecting daily life. Today, laser eye twitch treatment is available.