Types of eye strengthening exercises

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Believe it or not, the popularity of doing eye exercises is on the rise across the whole world. While eyewear manufacturers continue to make progress in frame and lens technologies, the fundamental fact that eyewear is an add-on and inconvenient device can never be changed. This is why an increasing number of boys and girls have believed in the effectiveness of taking eye exercises. They hope that one day the eyewear on their nose can be removed.

Three types of eye exercises

Even if the effectiveness of eye exercises has not reached a consensus, certain eye exercises are gaining more and more acknowledgment. In this article, three types of eye exercise are introduced in detail. The first one is playing restful games. The second type is going to the movies and the third one is to avoid four o’clock fatigue.

What are good games that relax the eyes?

Many people may be unaware that some games such as contract bridge and solitaire will cause mental and eye tension. These kinds of games can make the defective eyes to be more tired, so that they should be avoided. In fact, other games that can keep the eyes shifting should be promoted, such as badminton, ping pong or tennis, throwing darts or quoits, bowling, walking, staking and so on. Beneficial sports for children include spinning tops, playing marbles or jackstraws, bean-bag or ring tossing.

Watching a movie can exercise the eyes

Few people know that going to a movie can be a kind of eye exercise. Well, it really is when a right way is followed. While watching a movie, it is helpful to trace the outlines of faces, landscapes, animals and so on. Trying to see the entire screen at a moment should be avoided. In fact, rapidly changing pictures in the movie can cause eye tension.

Avoid long-term stare

Staring is one of the considerable contributors to eye defects. Eye strain is often caused by gazing at one point of the screen for a long time. This is why many people experience eye fatigue after looking at motion pictures. The proper way to use the eyes is to shift the focus from one point to another periodically or frequently. It is better to see only a small area at any moment.

The right way to watch movies and television

The basic requirement for watching movie as well as television is to keep relaxed. As mentioned above, staring and trying to see the whole screen without shifting can easily cause eye strain. These improper actions are main reasons for the increasing complaints of eye discomfort. It is necessary to glance at the screen and blink the eyes normally. In some cases, covering the eyes is needed.

What about taking off corrective glasses?

During watching movies, people can try to see the pictures without the help of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. For a nearsighted person, an appropriate way is to move back row by row to see if eyesight improves. A similar test for farsighted individuals is to move slowly closer to the screen.

Avoid four o’clock fatigue

A third tip is to avoid four o’clock fatigue, which explains why the British serve tea at this time. This application encourages folks to have a rest at this hour. After several minutes of relaxation, the eyes will feel better. Getting the fatigue eyes relaxed at this point can be definitely considered as an eye exercise.