Mistakes associated with eye exercises

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Eye exercises are currently done by many people who want to improve their vision in a natural way. However, a common phenomenon is that a person maintains eye exercises every day for several months but there is no sign of vision improvement. This situation can be quite disappointing. Various eye exercises have been designed to either ease eye strain or strengthen eye muscles. And here is an explanation of the mentioned failure.

Why some people claim the ineffectiveness of eye exercises?

People who have failed to naturally improve their vision are very likely to quit these eye exercises. It is not surprising to hear some people of this group saying that doing eye exercises is absolutely useless or ineffective. They never know that the dissatisfying results are actually caused by an improper method and possibly some mistakes. This article lists several mistakes or wrong practices that are commonly committed by those individuals who expect natural eyesight improvement from doing eye exercises.

Do not put eyeglasses back on the nose immediately after doing eye exercises

The first mistake is linked with prescription eyeglasses that have been long in use. Some religious participants of eye exercises habitually put their glasses back immediately after they finish the eye exercises. This practice is quite negative to the eyes, because they have no opportunity to see objects without the help of glasses. Whist prescription eyewear provides great help during daily work and life, an excessive dependency on this device is never encouraged. A good metaphor can be given to a cripple who wants to walk again. If he never tries to walk without his crutches, walking ability will never restore again.

Do not control the eyes intentionally to see clearly

It is commonly seen that some people with poor eyesight try their best to see something in the distance clearly. They have probably failed because of their disappointing visual ability. Believe it or not, conscious control of the eyes is unnecessary. Just like the senses of other parts such as smell, touch, hear and taste, the eyesight requires no conscious effort on a person himself. Just let the body take over the control of the eyes. If the eyes can not see something clearly, simply let it go. As the old saying goes, more effort does not equal better eyesight.

Do not do eye exercises alone

A third tip for doing eye exercises is that it is better to have someone else for companion. Eye exercises for natural vision improvement require a long period before positive results occur. Many people can be lazy to persist with such an exercise that they are probably to miss some sessions. Consistent efforts are the most important criterion. In other words, insisting on a certain eye exercise for just a short period is a mistake.